10 Vital Signs of a High Converting Email

high converting email
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Did you see the first part about high converting email?

Continuing on a second thing to consider when crafting a high converting email is the body of the email. The body is the main area of the email. It conveys your message.

The first line is called the pre-header or the hook, and it’s what shows up next to the preview of your email. It needs to draw the reader in, so they’re compelled to open your email and read more. It can be something unexpected that gets your reader thinking, but curious to read more.

Once they open your email, they’ll scan the content to see if they’re interested in reading more. This is when your content and formatting structure needs to be set upright. It should have an easily scannable structure with headings, short paragraphs with concise copy, and bold or italics to highlight important elements. And use bulleted lists to simplify more complex ideas.

The body of the text is the meat of a high converting email. This is where you engage your reader. Get creative here. Even though the style is different for retailers, non-profits, and service providers, the basic general guidelines work in every situation.

Follow these 10 tips to create your high converting email body:

    1. Align your email content with your subject line and your landing page copy. It needs to have exactly what your header promised.
    2. The layout should be pleasing and easy to read. Use headings and subheadings. You can also use different colors and font styles to make certain things stand out.
    3. Use white space to create a visual balance and direct flow to your CTA.
    4. The Inverted Pyramid model is the most common. It has an attention-grabbing headline with the focus and supporting information and then the CTA.
    5. The copy should relevant to the subject. Each word needs to support and be significant to what you are focusing on.
    6. The tone of the copy should relatable. Use simple sentence structures with everyday language with easy to understand language.
    7. Write the copy clearly and conversationally, as if you’re talking to a friend. Use language that is helpful to your reader and descriptive and actionable words.
    8. Create hyperlinks to what’s relevant and brings the reader back to your landing page or website.
    9. It’s fine to include some images that are relevant and add value to the message. Just don’t overwhelm with too many that will distract from the CTA.
    10. Format the images so they aren’t distorted or blurry.

The body of emails that convert has been optimized for conversions. Email copy should be about your subscribers. It should be about their problems, their feelings, lifestyles, and of course, the solutions. That is what it is all about when writing high converting email.

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