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25 Things You Should Never Do in the Shower

We all love having a good shower, right? It’s that one time of the day when you can feel like you’re in a shampoo advert as the warm water washes over your skin. But guess what? There are a few things you definitely want to avoid doing in there. If you’re not sure about what they are, don’t worry because we’ve got 25 of them here for you.

Turning It Into a Sauna

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A hot shower can make you feel pretty good, but it can actually be worse for you than you might think. Cranking that heat all the way up will dry out your skin and leave you feeling even worse. Dermatologists say you should keep the temperature between 98ºF and 105ºF rather than at a level that’s hot enough to cook vegetables.

Hot Showers in Winter

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Similarly, you might think that having a hot shower on a cold winter’s day is a great way to heat up, and you’d be right there. But it’s also doing a lot of harm to your skin. Winter air is already pretty dry, and putting hot water on your skin will make things even drier, so make sure your showers are warm, not hot.

Forgetting Your Feet

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No matter what you’re doing, you use your feet every day. But when shower time comes around, our feet often get the short end of the stick because we completely forget or neglect to wash them. If you don’t give them a good scrub, you could end up getting athlete’s foot, which is no walk in the park. And don’t get us started on the smell.

Ignoring Your Shower Curtain

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Sure, you’ve given yourself a good wash, but what about your shower curtain? It deserves a good clean, too. Leave it dirty for too long, and it’ll become a magnet for mold and mildew, which will turn your bathroom into a musty-smelling cave. It’s also pretty disgusting to look at, so wash your curtain now and again.

Leaving the Loofah

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You might think hanging up your loofah after a shower is no big deal, but you’d be wrong there. That thing will start hosting germs faster than you can say “bacteria” if it doesn’t dry properly. When you leave it wet and warm, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure you rinse it out regularly and squeeze out any excess water. It also wouldn’t hurt to put it somewhere with good air circulation to let it dry.

Early Shaving

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Getting into the shower and going straight for the razor seems like a good way to save time, but did you know it’s actually doing the opposite? Hot water softens your skin and opens up your pores, which makes the whole process of shaving way easier. Plus, waiting a bit means you’re much less likely to nick yourself.

Too Much Scrubbing

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Don’t get us wrong, exfoliating your skin is important because it takes away all the dead and dry skin. The real problem is when you do it too much, because scrubbing away too often strips away your skin’s natural oils, making it look dry and irritated. Only exfoliate a few times a week at the most so your skin stays smooth and supple.

Skipping the Moisturizer

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Speaking of skin, don’t forget to lather up with lotion after a shower. It’s the only way to lock in all that moisture your skin got from the shower. If you wait too long, it’ll start to dry out and look tired. According to dermatologist, Doctor Dendy Engelman, it can also help your skin repair much faster.

Leaving Hair in the Drain

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there, watching our strands of hair swirl down the drain. It might look interesting, but it’s absolutely terrible for your plumbing. Take a moment to clear out the hair after each shower or, better yet, get a hair catcher to put on top of the drain. Your bathroom will look nicer, and you’ll also save some cash by not calling a plumber.

Using Old Razors

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If you’re using the same old razors because they still kind of work, then you’re just asking for trouble. Old razors are like a paradise for bacteria, and they’ll also give you a less smooth shaving experience. And if the blades are dull, these can irritate your skin and cause razor burn, so switch out your razor every two weeks or so.

Ignoring the Ears

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Many of our parents nagged us when we were younger about washing behind our ears, but it turns out they were actually onto something. That spot can collect oil and sweat, which can cause your skin to break out in pimples. Give it a quick swipe with soap and water to stop any build-up of oil.

Staying For Too Long

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Yes, a long shower can feel like you’re on a mini-vacation, but spending too much time under the water is worse than you might think. Just like having a shower that’s too hot, too much time will dry out your skin and even damage your hair. Keep your showers short and sweet. Healthline recommends they shouldn’t be any longer than 10 minutes.

Forgetting the Bath Mat

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Similar to your shower curtain, your bath mat isn’t just for decoration. Leaving it wet makes it a prime spot for mold and bacteria to grow. You definitely don’t want that. After showering, hang it up or leave it somewhere where it can dry properly, and don’t forget to wash it every week for extra freshness.

Using Incorrect Soap

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While soap leaves your body feeling squeaky clean, using it on your face is a completely different story. Your facial skin is much thinner and nowhere near as tough as the rest of your body, so it’s much more likely to dry out. You should only use a gentle cleanser on your face to keep it hydrated and happy.

Forgetting the Showerhead

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When was the last time you gave your showerhead a good clean? We’re betting not for a while. Over time, the mineral deposits from water can clog it up, which messes with the water pressure and can also cause a build-up of bacteria. Give it a soak in vinegar every so often, and you’ll see the water flows much more freely.

Bare Feet in Communal Showers

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After you work out, don’t forget to put on some sensible footwear in the communal showers. Those floors are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that are just waiting to hop onto your feet. Put on some shower sandals to keep those germs at bay, and you’ll also find it a lot easier to walk around.

Letting the Conditioner Sit

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There’s nothing wrong with letting conditioner sit in your hair for a bit, but don’t do the same for your back. After lathering your hair, rinse it off your back, or you might find you’ve got back acne because the conditioner clogs your pores. You can even try tilting your head to the side after you’ve rinsed.

Sticking to One Towel

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Like bath mats and shower curtains, your towel is the perfect place for bacteria to move in. Swap your towel out for a fresh one every few days to keep things clean and try. You should also try using different towels so you can get that fresh towel feeling more often. Who doesn’t love that?

Washing Hair Daily

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Washing your hair every day seems like a good way to keep it clean, right? Well, just like your skin, washing it so often will strip your hair of its natural oils, making it drier and causing your body to create more oil. Instead, you should try skipping a day or two between washes for that natural volume.

Not Cleaning Shower Tools

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It doesn’t matter if you’re using a brush or sponge, you need to give everything you use in the shower a good clean. Just think about it. All that bacteria and dirt that comes off your skin, where does it go? That’s right, straight onto those shower tools. Make sure you clean them at least once a week so they’re in good condition.

Showering As a Chore

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Sure, rushing through your shower routine gets you out of the door faster, but it sadly means you’re missing out on the perfect time for self-care. Take a little time to enjoy the process of washing and scrubbing your skin instead of doing it as quickly as you can. You could even splurge and get some fancy body wash to really feel relaxed.

Applying Too Much Pressure

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Stop scrubbing your scalp like you’re trying to take a stain out of it. It’s rough on your skin and hair, which can cause, you guessed it, dryness. In fact, WebMD claims going too hard can even make your hair thinner. All your scalp needs is a gentle massage to help the blood flow and take away dead skin cells.

Not Ventilating the Room

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We’ve got to admit that leaving the bathroom all steamy after a shower does make it feel like a sauna. Unfortunately, you’re also inviting mold and mildew in. Turn on the fan during and after your shower to keep the air moving. If you don’t have one, then make sure you leave the window open for at least 10 minutes after you’ve showered to reduce the humidity.

Forgetting Shower Plants

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Your bathroom doesn’t have to look boring. When you add a plant or two, you’re brightening up the room and also making the air cleaner as they suck in the mold. Lots of plants love being in humid places, like monsteras and pothos, and these can help to make your bathroom feel like a spa getaway. 

Skipping Cold Showers

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Ending your shower with some cold water sounds like a nightmare, but hear us out. This quick switch from warm to cold can boost your circulation and tighten your pores. If you shower in the morning, it can also wake up your mind like a shot of espresso. It doesn’t have to be a long time, just give your body a quick burst of cold water at the end.

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