28 Boring Words And What You Should Use Instead In Your Content

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Written By Mike Gaudreau

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What does an inadequacy in one’s language signal?

Essentially, the inability to convey thoughts in an engaging, memorable and precise way. Whatever your job or general area of expertise may be, today proper communication skills are a must-have if you want to have impressive career opportunities and simply be an interesting person to talk to.

Just think about it.

If your communication skills are lackluster, it doesn’t matter how significant and meaningful your message is, because when you talk your listeners are bored.

Who wants that?

If you are eager to step up your game and get in league with persuasive speakers, why not begin with using a list of alternatives to 28 common boring words?

When it comes to real-life conversations, we don’t carry around pocket dictionaries to look for the most sophisticated words possible. And there is no need for that if you want to preserve the natural flow of your conversations. If you randomly insert smart-sounding but empty words in your speech, you will sound anything but interesting. Pretentious, maybe, but not engaging in any way.

However, English has some words that are pretty much entirely overused at this point. Mind you, there is no need to go out of your way to eradicate these common words from conversations, but replacing them with synonyms will certainly help people not fall asleep while you talk and add some variety to your speech.

So, your listeners will benefit from your expanded vocabulary. But will you?

The answer is “Yes.” Most of our thinking is all about words. Images play their role, too, but when it comes to formulating an argument, verbal thinking is paramount. By expanding your active vocabulary, you expand your thinking capacity.

Ready to broaden your vocabulary? Get started with this awesome infographic below!


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