4 Quick Ways To Craft A Good Call To Action

If there’s one thing I see a lot of bloggers do wrong, it’s not giving their readers anything to do at the end of the blog post. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. You read a great article, get to the end and there’s no call to action. What do you do? You go back to Facebook or go watch some cat videos on YouTube.

Why not give your readers something more. What if they wouldn’t mind learning more from you or connecting with you via email or social media or even take you up on a product recommendation? That’s what a call to action at the end of your blog posts is all about.

Here are 4 quick and easy ways to craft a call to action.

1 – Encourage Them To Comment And Interact With You

One of the easiest ways to craft a call to action is to ask your readers to leave you a comment. Invite them to share their own experiences on the topic, a tip, a recipe etc. In other words, ask them to comment on the post.

Example: What are your favourite ways to end your blog posts? Do you use a particular call to action? Leave me a comment below and let’s talk.

2 – Invite Them To Connect Further Via Social Media


If growing your social media reach is a goal, consider adding some calls to action on to “like” the blog post on Facebook, share it on Twitter, pin it on Pinterest etc. Or share one of your social media profiles in the call to action and invite them to join you there.

Example: Got questions about crafting calls to action? Let’s talk about it on our Facebook page. (Link to your Facebook page).

3 – Make A Recommendation

Sometimes it makes sense to make a sale and monetize your blog post in your call to action. This is also called pre-selling. You talk about a topic and then at the end make a recommendation for a product that helps your readers learn more or take the next step.

Example: There’s a lot more to be said about crafting a strong call to action. Take a look at this guide to learn more.

4 – Invite Them To Join Your List

Often the best thing you can do at the end of your blog posts is to invite readers to join your list. Once you have them on your email list, you can invite them to come back and read other posts, comment on them, join you on your favourite social media platforms and of course make offers to your readers.

Getting them on your list should always be your first priority, so use that call to action often.

Example: I have a lot more to share on the topic of blogging and would love to email you with more tips and strategies on a regular basis. Just enter your name and email below and we’ll get started right away. As a thank you, I’ll even send you my guide to writing strong blog post titles that will grab your readers’ attention.

As you know I usually ask that you leave a comment on my articles or respond to me via email. If you want to join my mailing list the simplest thing to do is to check off the box below the comment form. My emails also contain similar invitations. In fact, I do receive several comments a week or emails from my mailings or postings. It is a good way to engage, so try it for yourself.

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  1. Livinus

    I have just recently joined up with you and find you blogs short, concise and interesting.
    I am from Nigeria and hope to be a blogger in the nearest future.

    1. Mike - The Wealthy Boomer

      Thank you very much for your approval of my approach. I am trying to be as clear as possible, keeping my content short but as accurate as possible at the same time. I am pleased that you are thinking of blogging. What topic? If you need help setting things up I can give you a hand. Keep in touch.

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