5 Online Marketing Tips For Lawyers

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marketing tips for lawyers
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If you’ve been a practicing lawyer for a long time, the new era of digital marketing might be a little unfamiliar. The fact is though, if you don’t market yourself effectively online, you’ll be missing out on new clients. To help to kickstart your online marketing, try starting with these five ideas.

1 – Online Reviews

When clients are looking for a lawyer online, they are looking to find out about the performance and successes of that lawyer. Clients want evidence that you can deliver, and you can offer that evidence with great reviews. Websites such as Lawyers.com and Avvo.com all offer platforms where you can have your services reviewed by clients. It’s also a good move to ask your clients for testimonials that you can use on your personal website.

2 – PPC and SEO

To boost traffic to your website, it’s advisable to use a combo of both PPC and SEO marketing. PPC stands for ‘pay-per-click’; it means that you set up online ads and then pay when one of your ads is clicked on. The idea is to purchase visits to your website. SEO, on the other hand, involves using the right kind of keywords and content to rank higher on search engines organically. The result is also that you’ll get more visitors to your site. Both methods are effective, though PPC is faster. Professionals can attempt to teach themselves these tactics or hire a professional marketer.

3 – Create a Blog

If you don’t already have a blog, creating one is the best way to improve your website. Writing a blog is an excellent way to establish yourself as a credible thought leader within the law industry. Research the law based questions that people are searching for online, and write content that answers these questions. When you are writing your blog, keep in mind that you have lots of competition. It’s important that your content is top quality and stands out amongst the crowd. It’s always an option to outsource your blog to a professional writer.

4 – PR Agency

Working with a PR agency is a great way to streamline your marketing. A good PR agency will take care of your promotion and practice marketing, publishing and content, personal branding, and more. Perhaps you don’t have the time to invest in your own marketing? Maybe you’d prefer to focus on your clients rather than learning about advertising? If that’s the case, using a PR agency is a great move. Elite Lawyer Management is a high performing PR and legal marketing agency with plenty of experience.

5 – Video Marketing 

Video marketing is one of the top growing marketing trends for 2020. Video is popular on social media, and it’s useful to gain a deeper connection with your audience. This year, many professionals are hosting webinars to discuss topics related to their industry. If you have the knowledge to share with your audience and don’t mind being in front of the camera, a webinar could be a neat idea.

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