5 Outcomes of Engaging in Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing has always been around, but lately, it’s caught on with many mainstream brands. Even companies that on the surface aren’t really emotional by nature have found ways to include emotional triggers in advertising. It’s that old line that “sex” sells. However, the truth is that it’s not just sex – it’s the emotion that sells. Sex just triggers a specific emotion, such as the need to belong, that causes people to want to buy.

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effectiveThe most effective emotions that you can trigger in your audience with the right words, images and colours are:


These emotions usually elicit positivity in your audience. It’s true that other emotions may get more response, such as anger, but you have to be very careful with anger so that you don’t have a situation that backfires on you.

dangerousThe more dangerous emotions that you can also trigger with the right words, images and colours are:


With the right type of emotional marketing you can you can cause these 5 outcomes:

  1. Turn Wants to Needs: Everyone wants to be rich, work on the beach, or have their perfect kitchen, but they aren’t really “needs” – they are wants. Many people will not spend money on wants over needs. With the right emotional triggers, you can turn a want into a need that someone needs so badly that they’ll buy it right now, no matter the price.
  2. Prove Value: It might seem weird to say but if you can trigger the right emotions, you can also prove the value of your products and services. The way to do that is to sell what the product or service provides. Is it free time? What intangible concept does your product give the buyer? Exploit that.
  3. Provoke a Sense of Belonging: If you really want to get people to want to follow you anywhere, make them feel like a special part of your community, such as a VIP or a member of your “inner circle” or “mastermind” group.
  4. Create a Viral Trend: Emotional things are more likely to be shared by your audience on social media and become viral. If you can identify the ideas that will go viral, as well as the emotions that trigger more sharing, you can create a trend of your own.
  5. Connect with Customers: The right words will make your audience feel very connected with and close to you. They’ll become your biggest fans and turn word of mouth into an avalanche of potential leads for you.

Emotional marketing can change your marketing efforts completely and make your sales pages, blog posts, and other marketing content really stand out. Study your audience and determine not only what they need in terms of products and services, but also what they need to hear in terms of trigger words – words that evoke emotions that make them do something you want them to do. This could be something like joining your mailing list, or buying your products, or using your services.

This concludes my series on emotional marketing. Was it of use? What did you learn? Leave a comment below or jot me an email via my contact form, I would really like your opinion.

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