5 Practical Strategies For Senior Job Seekers

senior job seekers
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Searching for a job when you are in your golden years can be quite challenging. Most employers are looking for young candidates who are eager to start their first job and pay less attention to senior job seekers. Additionally, this set of employees are much less inquisitive so are prone to blindly following instructions. 

Most employers assume that hiring senior job seekers means dealing with special treatment or requests and problems with ego. Indeed this can be far from the truth. Fortunately, there are practical job search strategies that senior job seekers can follow to find gainful and meaningful employment.

Senior job seekers should make use of their network

The stats back the use of networks to find a job, and studies show that up to 80% of jobs are gotten through networking. Instead of just sending your resume to people and asking them to give you a heads up, give them specifics of what you are looking for so they can pass it on. These specifics will be passed on to their connections, and you will likely get openings. Give them a list of talking points that will evidently detail how your experience matches positions or roles that work for you. 

Go where you are valued

When job searching one thing you should keep in mind is your value. Your next job might likely be your last one so you will want to spend it in a place that you are appreciated. Look at areas of the job market where age is seen as an asset rather than a liability. Figure out which roles and organizations can leverage your career capital and value your maturity.

Amplify your accomplishments

What employers want is results, and your accomplishments are a testament to the results you can produce. When writing your resume, put together an appealing results-driven portfolio that amplifies your accomplishments. Let your employer know what you are bringing to the table.

Use your age to your advantage

As a senior job seeker use your age is an asset, use it to your advantage. See it as an addition to the team, and sell it as diversity. The truth is that no matter the kind of organization, they still market to your age bracket. This puts you in a strategic position to give insights into how to deal with that demographic properly. No matter your age bracket, your years of experience can be leveraged to show how you can comprehend and attend to the needs of a specific group.

Embrace change

senior job seekers
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After several years doing something, you develop attachments to it and prefer to keep things as they are. But things are changing, and you have to embrace the change. If you are looking to go in a different direction from what you are accustomed to, do some research, and if necessary, take some classes to be confident in your ability.

For example, if you want to upgrade your skills in product management and gain some certification, start by checking the product faculty website. There are many online facilities that can be used to learn and develop an array of skills sought by employers.

Job searching is not easy, no matter your age. Apply these practical job search strategies to help you the senior job seeker secure a job. It may take some time, but there are employers out there who appreciate the value of an older worker with life experience and skills.

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