5 Best Ways On How to Plan Your Blog Post

how to plan your blog postUnderstanding how to plan your blog post ahead of you writing it is one of the greatest ways to spare time and energy. You do not need to waste valuable hours and work writing a blog post that neither helps your blog nor makes your readers happy.

Every bit of content you produce for your blog requires a purpose. You are either providing value to your audience or attempting to sell them something.

You may also generate content that focuses on keywords that are simple to rank for so that you can plug into organic search traffic, but even here, your content must still provide value, or your site will have a high bounce rate and influence your search engine ranks unfavourably.

1 – How to plan your blog post so that it is pertinent?

The first question you need to assess when writing a blog post is if it is pertinent to your niche. For instance, if your blog is about the keto diet, why would you unexpectedly write about bodyweight exercise?

You ought to discover a way to connect the topics. In this illustration, your blog post may be named, “Can I do bodyweight exercise while on the keto diet?”

Now your post is pertinent. Nothing happens in seclusion and your blog posts should not either.

2 – How to plan your blog post by understanding your audience

Understanding the demographics of your audience will support your writing in a way that communicates to them. If you are in the bodybuilding niche, your audience will be largely men who like to get bulky and muscular probably to get women to notice. This is mostly a more ‘hardcore’ bunch who will be entertained and laugh at strong language.

But, if you are in the ‘flat belly’ niche, your audience will most likely be women who are touchier about their weight and look. Strong language and locker room stories will be a turn-off here.

Both niches are attempting to get fit, but there are distinct differences in the makeup of the audience. Your task is to devote enough time in forums, Facebook groups, and so on to get to understand your audience prior to writing for them.

3 – How to plan your blog post through research

Constantly do your research and back up your content with details. The internet is brimming with false news. People are cynical about whatever they read online.

Performing research will permit you to understand what you are writing about and your content will have merit. The research you do will set the foundations of a strong blog post that aids readers and even has the chance of going viral.

4 – Central topic and sub-topics

Each blog post you write should include one topic in detail. Do not attempt to write about everything for everybody. Even in several niches, there will be some sub-topics.

Pick ONE sub-topic and go deep. While composing your blog post, you may casually cover a few other sub-topics. These will just be stated quickly and in passing.

The rationale you do this is because the other sub-topics stated will be openings for you to write blog posts about in the future. You will then be capable to come back to the post you are presently writing and build internal links to the upcoming blog posts.

You are contemplating ahead here which will improve with search engine optimization and will keep interested readers on your blog longer.

5 – Will there be a call to action?

While not all posts need to have a call to action (CTA), a few of your posts ought to have one. You may either be attempting to publicize an affiliate product or offering your own product.

Otherwise, you may decide to use the blog post to build up your list. You can do this by inserting a sign-up form in the centre of the post, or you may make use of a content locker plugin to get readers to sign up to gain access to the entire article.

Think about whether your post will have a CTA, and plan how you will interweave it into your content.

The 5 points cited directly above are vital and should be given consideration when writing each blog post. While producing content is great, doing so with no objective is meaningless. Understanding how to plan your blog post is job one.

Your time and energy are limited. So, make each post count. If you can do this, your blog will be popular, and your readers will enjoy your content and believe in you.

The 6 techniques mentioned in this article are real-world methods of monetizing your site. Many bloggers make 6 and 7 figure sums just using the first 2 methods.

So, you can rest assured that if you concentrate and go deep in any one method, you will make a sizeable income from your blog. Just get started.

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