5 Ways to Add More Power to Your Newsletter Content

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Written By Mike Gaudreau

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It is no secret that email marketing offers one of the biggest returns for your time. However, the so-called “secrets” that make these emails impact readers and influence their decisions continuously are not so obvious.

Here are 5 of the tips for strengthening your newsletter content.

1. Small, but powerful

Nobody wants to open an email and read a 3,000-word anything. A few decades ago that might not have been the case, but times have changed, and the attention span combined with everything else has made reading a few thousand words feel like the end of the world for some people. On the other hand, nobody wants to open their email and get 1 or 2 sentences that are the exact opposite of the substantive points they are used to getting. Readers feel gypped or that they invested their time opening an email and getting nothing out of it when that happens. So, what is the right length?

The thing to keep in mind when constructing an email is that you are always going to be pulling men and women in and trying to get them to the sales page. However, the same principle concerning attention span and wordiness applies here as well because an email with a ton of information about your product will lead the reader in getting lost. Some readers might love that, but that small chunk of people is getting smaller every day. The idea is to EDUCATE them with a little bit of information that tells them about your product or what your product has to offer them. Their natural curiosity will then lead them to your website. You are warming them up and then letting them come to you rather than you bombard them.

2. Your kind of news

When constructing an email, it never hurts to give your readers a news update that ties into your niche. Sure, it takes a little extra work and a couple of minutes of thought, but readers will sink their teeth into the email because they are passionate about the niche just like you. In addition to giving them that quick update, you should also give them your latest offer or the new product that you are rolling out. The men and women who have used this trick
year-after-year have benefited from it more each year. As the number of readers increases the idea of giving them a news update to strengthen the relationship works the exact the same way.

Keep in mind that you do not want to bombard them with your new product and only include a minor reference to a huge event relating to your niche. That is sure to annoy them and have them run away from your offer. If you cannot think of a recent news event that goes together with your niche, then just don’t include it in the email. Putting nothing in the email is better than trying to push two unrelated concepts together.

3. Problem-solving year-round

Opening an email and quickly learning how to fix a common problem or maybe even a long-term problem leaves readers feeling ecstatic and almost in debt to the person that shared this life-changing knowledge with them.  Even if you do not include an offer in your email, you will still produce the same result for many of your readers. However, kicking the email off with the problem that your product fixes and the ways it outperforms the competition is perhaps an even better way to guarantee quick sales and a the massive growth of followers.

4. Hook & then reel

An excellent newsletter will get readers attention and keep their attention with stories that are very intriguing in general. Add that interesting article in with your readers who are major fans of your niche, and you have produced
an article “too interesting” for them to pass up. So, once they get hooked in that article, you can reel them in by giving them a link directly to your blog, which is where they will be able to finish reading the article. Just make sure you have the entire article on your blog so the readers can see it if they happen to go directly to your blog.

5. Just have fun

Everyone tends to say “just have fun” when it comes to the most serious topics, and of course, nobody ever has fun because the topic at hand is so serious. The “just have fun” mentality can be taken literally when writing your emails. Just think about which email you would read first. The 2,000-word monster from your Uncle who rambles on for days every time you see them
or the 500-word email that flows perfectly and makes you laugh out loud. Keep that answer in mind when writing to your readers. They likely have enough serious topics staring them in the face every day and dragging them down. Have fun and try to look for ways to make the email funny.

What do you think about these ideas? Leave a comment below.

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