7 Product Creation Tips for Seniors

Creating and selling your own products is one of the fastest ways to generate a good income online. In fact, it’s one of the business models that seniors should always try to adopt.

It may seem intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. Being a product creator allows you to build a list of buyers who will be much more inclined to buy your future products.

It also gives you the option of recruiting affiliates who will promote your products for you. Your reach will grow exponentially, and your profits will soar.

But before all of that takes place, you must have 7 fundamentals in place. This article will highlight the 7 tips every senior should follow if they wish to become a product creator.

1 – Digital is easier than physical

It’s always easier to sell a digital product such as an eBook, course, online coaching, etc. than it is to sell physical items such as mugs, hats, etc. The reason for this is that digital products are delivered online.

Tangible products need to be shipped and you’ll need to deal with returns from dissatisfied customers and so on. It’s much more of a hassle.

Seniors who are just getting started online will do better starting off with digital products that have fewer obstacles and inconveniences.

2 – Do your research

Always research your product idea before creating a product. For example, writing a book about underwater basket weaving may be a great idea to you. But what if only 10 people in the entire world are interested in it? You’ll probably get no sales.

Always go to the popular marketplaces like Amazon, ClickBank, etc. and look at the top selling products. Are there any products similar to yours? Is the niche you’re in popular? If others are doing well with it, then so can you.

If it’s crickets and tumbleweeds, you’re better off avoiding the niche and focusing on creating a product that will sell.

If you truly believe in your product and feel that it’s what the market needs, even if you don’t see any other similar products out there… you can go ahead with your idea and see if it bears fruit. If it doesn’t, you can come back and work on something else. Just be ready for the possibility that it won’t gain much traction.

3 – Model, model, model

This point is simple enough. Look at similar winning products in your niche and model what they are doing. You do not have to reinvent the wheel… but at the same time, do not be a copycat.

Put your own spin on things. Make your product look different. Look at what people are saying about the bestselling products. Are they unhappy with anything?

Take those flaws and address them in your own product and you’ll be better than the competition.

4 – Good is better than perfect

This is a problem that affects most people. They want to get their product to be perfect. The hard truth is that this mindset impedes their progress. There is no such thing as perfection.

Aim for excellence and get your product out on the market. If it’s good, that’s good enough. Be like Apple. They release the product first and keep making improvements and updates along the way.

5 – Outsource

If you hate writing or creating videos for your training, etc. you can outsource these. Of course, it will require you to spend money. But that’s just the way it is. If you have the funds, always hire someone to do what you’re reluctant to.

If your budget is tight, you’ll just have to bite the bullet and do it all yourself. It may seem like torture, but it’s what you’ll have to do to get sales and make money. This is work. Make no mistake about it.

6 – Brand yourself

Try and brand yourself when creating your product. This could be done by personalizing the introduction in your book, or your sales page could be unique, or you could have a theme across several products.

For example, “No Nonsense Copywriting” … “No Nonsense Product Creation” … “No Nonsense Email Marketing”

The titles are all similar but cover different topics. This is like the yellow and black “For Dummies” guides. The title and the colors are the same across the board. That is excellent branding. You know a Dummies guide the moment you see it.

7 – Have a persuasive sales page

You could have the best product in the world, but if your sales copy does not sell, you’ll not get many sales.

Have a sales page that has persuasive sales copy and looks attractive and professional. You can either write the copy yourself or pay someone to do it. Either way, it MUST be good.

Adhere to these 7 product creation tips and you’ll have products that will sell hundreds or even thousands of copies.

[avatar user=”mike” size=”thumbnail” align=”” link=”file”]Mike Gaudreau is the owner of The Wealthy Boomers, a site devoted to helping seniors make money online. Mike resides in Montreal Canada.[/avatar]

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