8 Reasons Why Emotions Matter in Marketing

The truth is, nothing can elicit a response quite like the right emotion. The thing marketers want most from their audience is a response. They want them to answer their calls to action. They want them to take action, engage, buy, join or do something. And, the best way to do that is to evoke the right emotions that cause the right action to take place.

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  1.  More Likely to Go Viral – Any marketing message that evokes a strong emotional response is more likely to “go viral” than a bland message that doesn’t pull at any emotional strings. The emotion most likely to be shared widely, however, is anger, so you need to tread lightly when it comes to that. Give your audience a way out of their anger by taking an action.
  2. More Engaging – When you get your audience to feel something strongly, the advertisement automatically becomes more engaging. Content that evokes an emotion then solves a problem, is gold when it comes to emotional marketing.
  3. More Useful – Most emotional content is going to prove to be more useful than content that isn’t as heartfelt. Highlight the social implications of the product and service and you’ll create a fan for life.
  4. More Motivating – Elicit emotions like confidence or fear in your audience, and you’re going to motivate them to answer your CTA faster and easier than if you don’t use those emotional triggers.
  5. More Compelling – Bringing emotions to your marketing messages will make every message more compelling to your audience. They’re going to be more likely to hear your entire message or read your entire message, thus getting more of the information they need to make a buying decision.
  6. Better Branding – If you want your brand to represent a specific emotion, you can do that. Think about the brands you know and what emotions they elicit. Coke brings people together, Amazon makes all things possible with extreme personalization, FedEx makes a promise and keeps them, and so forth. What does your brand represent?
  7. Science Says So – Many neuroscientists and psychologists are involved in marketing companies these days and are doing a lot of study into the power of emotional marketing. They say it works and science has the proof.
  8. Demonstrates Passion – People want to be part of something special and if you can show in your marketing messages the passion you have for your niche and for your customers, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Using emotions helps all of us make choices in life; your audience is no different. Evoke the right emotions, and you can get your audience to do almost anything you want. Provide a quality product or service that solves serious issues and problems for your audience, and you’ll cultivate a life-long customer due to the trust you’ll develop.

What do you think? Do you know of more reasons why emotions matter in marketing? Leave me a comment below or jot me an email.

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