Adapting Your Business to Covid In a Friendly Way

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adapting your business to COVID
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Finding ways to adapting your business to COVID and the new COVID rules and regulations can be confusing and some may find it difficult to know-how. We have listed below a few ways that might benefit your business during covid, please take a look below.

Adapting Your Business to COVID Rules

The first thing you should do is to make sure all employees and customers are aware of the rules in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. Check the government rules and implement those procedures in the workplace. Ensure that the rules are displayed where everyone can see them and challenge anyone who is not following them. 

Provide Adequate Cleaning Stations Adapting 

One of the rules is that you should provide adequate sanitizer stations for customers and employees. Have these placed in common areas in your establishment such as by the entrance and exit, by the cash register, by the toilets, etc. After every workday, you should have a cleaning system in place to deep clean your establishment ready for the next day.

Consider outsourcing your cleaning to a professional, this way you know it has been cleaned successfully, after all, you don’t want an outbreak and be forced to close your business.

Become A Cash-Free Business

Many businesses were already starting to transition into cash-free businesses pre-covid, but now covid is here this has accelerated the change. If you haven’t already you should consider becoming cash-free.

Handling of banknotes and coins can spread germs, this is why it might be best if you stick to only accepting cards, even if it’s just for the time being. Having everything through a card can also make your tax return a little easier to sort out as all your transactions will be in one place.

Make Your Business Welcoming

Now you have changed the way you operate your business you want to make sure your customers still feel welcome. Highlight the fact that you are still open for business but promoting yourself through leaflets, a-board, and online. Having clear signs about your rules will make people feel at ease when visiting your establishment.

If you have outdoor space you should consider adapting it into space where customers can go. Add socially distanced benches and tables, don’t forget to add some heaters to keep your customers warm. We don’t know how much longer this pandemic is going to last so plan for the future months and consider investing in some summer parasols now. All your shade sail needs in one stop to protect you from the sun.

Go online

If your business is not already online, then now is the perfect opportunity to think about creating a website. In 2020 it is imperative for your business to be online to survive and thrive. The majority of people use the internet every day to look for advice, buy and products, or get information on a specific subject. Getting your business online will bring in a wealth of customers and improve your income amount massively.

We hope these tips have helped you think about how to be adapting your business to COVID the best way. Whilst you are here check out our top tips on Taking Your Office Into The Digital World

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