Sexy Anatomy of High Converting Emails – 2 Important Things

A call the action or the CTA is one of the most important sections of your high converting emails. It’s what gets subscribers to take the action you want them to take. People need to be told explicitly what you want them to do.

For example, if you’re sending an email that features your latest product, you need a button that tells your reader to buy it. Or if you want your readers to click on a link to your latest article, you need to tell them to.

In every one of the high converting emails you send, you need a relevant CTA. It should focus on the action you want them to take. Use action-oriented text related to the action you desire them to take.

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Use one of these CTA examples in your high converting emails:

To encourage purchase use these in your high converting emails:

      • Shop now,
      • Shop our bestsellers,
      • Act now,
      • Shop our spring collection,
      • Buy now,
      • Claim your coupon,
      • Get 30% off now,
      • Free gift with purchase,
      • Shop Santa’s favorites,
      • or See our gift: 10% off.

For Content clicks:

      • Learn more,
      • Read more,
      • Download now,
      • Download the eBook,
      • Read the full story,
      • Keep reading,
      • Watch now,
      • See the amazing video,
      • or Hear the story.
      • For events: Register now, Reserve your spot, Book your ticket, Save me a spot, Count me in, or Register for the webinar.

For Services:

      • Book your appointment,
      • Start your free trial,
      • Upgrade now,
      • Start today,
      • Find out how to Start to Get results.

For Feedback and connections:

      • Complete our quick survey,
      • Take a survey,
      • Leave a review,
      • Follow us,
      • Let us know how we did,
      • Like us on Facebook.

Make your CTA short. Place one above the fold and the other one near the bottom.

The design of your CTA can be a button or a different color text (even just bolded). It needs to be the appropriate size, meaning it can’t fit across the page. Use white space near the call to action to draw the reader’s eye to it.

Always test your CTA placement, color, and copy. Test one thing at a time to see if your changes make any difference.

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A signature is a chance to sell with your high converting emails

The average email signature has your name, maybe your title, some way to contact you, and possibly your logo.

Keep it simple. It doesn’t necessarily have to be elaborate. Mine just has my name. I talk to y’all like I email my friends and family. But some people like to be more professional than that.

For example:

Janel Jones
Marketing Manager, AAA Systems
Phone: 555-555-5555

This is a simple signature that works for many types of high converting emails. But if you want it to sell for you, it needs to be optimized better. And it’s not doing anything to interest the reader. It’s not building your credibility and authority either.

And it’s definitely not showcasing anything relevant to your reader.

You want the signature to be a place where you can continue your sales conversation. Here is where you can make it interesting so that when the reader sees it, they immediately think it looks interesting.

Add a photo to your signature. You can do this with an email signature generator or the right tech know-how. A photo gives your signature more impact, makes it memorable, and shows personality. And images draw attention and add interest visually.

Use color to add visual interest and make your name stand out. Different colors evoke specific emotions so be sure to use a color that is relevant to your company. Be cautious using color, though. Using more than 1 or 2 colors can make your signature look busy and cluttered, with the colors often clashing for attention.

Include links to your social media channels using icons that represent each site’s logo instead of using long hyperlinked URLs.

Create a balanced design between the content, type, and imagery. Make use of dividers and white space to separate different elements and direct the reader’s eye. Use bold or capped type to attract the eye to important information, but use it sparingly.

Test different ways to sell through your signature in your emails, such as:

1. Showcase your press features. Boost your credibility and sell passively by including a link to your press articles in relevant publications. Present ones that highlight your company’s accomplishments. If you don’t have any article features yet, then publish your own recent success and news in your company blog and mention those.

2. List links to your recent webinar recordings. Your readers will be curious to learn more about you, your products, or the interviews you do.

3. Link to positive and relevant case studies you’ve done about your product or service. Case studies add a huge amount of credibility for you. Potential customers get the opportunity to hear the benefits and how your product is used by those actually using them.

At the very least, your signature should identify who you are and what you do, your company, and how to contact you. But by including links and other information about what’s going on in your business, you create another form of a call to action for the reader.

I hope these high converting emails writing tips have been of use to you. Use several and see what works best for you. If you need help just jot me an email. If you wish leave me a comment below.

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