Are You Making This Affiliate Marketing Mistake?

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This is one of the MOST common mistakes that affiliates make, and it costs them thousands of dollars. This is especially true in the make money online (MMO) niche where several products are released daily, and everyone is only concerned about the current and upcoming products.

But what about products that did well for you before?

Very often, when one promotes several products, they’ll notice that some do much better than others. One of the best things that you can do is to take note of the products that have performed well for you.

It means a few things. Firstly, the product converts well. Secondly, it’s in tune with your list. Your list will always prefer some products over others. Thirdly, if it made money for you once, it will probably make you money again.

All too often, marketers promote one product and even if it does well for them, these wonderful products end up being forgotten like spurned lovers. It’s really a pity because by re-promoting these products at intervals, you will make money many times over.

If you’ve created reviews, videos, etc. in your promotion efforts, these can be used over and over to promote the same product. You’ll be leveraging on past efforts and this is what passive income is all about.

Of course, you’ll need to ensure that the product is ‘evergreen’ in nature. For example, if you’re promoting a copywriting or an article writing course, you know that the concepts will be the same for a long time.

Copywriting techniques do not change much, and as for article writing, the course will still be relevant after years. This is what is known as ‘evergreen’ products.

While you’ll not be able to re-promote search engine optimization courses or WordPress plugins due to things online changing so rapidly, the evergreen courses will always stand the test of time.

So, you may wish to add a few emails in your autoresponder sequence to go out maybe once every two months to promote these evergreen products. As long as you keep building your list, there’ll always be people who are new to it and will not have seen the earlier products that you promoted. In many cases, you’ll get sales from them.

Sometimes, after launch is over, the price of a product may rise. For example, the copywriting course may rise in price from $27 to $97. At times like these, you may contact the vendor and ask for a special coupon code that you could use for your list to drop the current price back down to launch price.

By being able to offer your list a lower price that they could never get elsewhere, they’d be much happier to purchase through you. It will seem like an absolute deal… and it is.

So, the crux of this entire article is that you should promote what worked well for you. While you should promote new products that hit the market, you shouldn’t forget products that are of high-quality and converted well before.

Every product is new to the customer who is seeing it for the first time. So, bear that in mind and breathe new life into existing products.

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