Are You Promoting the Right Products?

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Many affiliate marketers who try and build lists often find out that no matter what they do, their list is not buying what they’re recommending. They’ve tried building a relationship with the subscribers, they’ve tried enticing them, cajoling them and almost begging them and yet, sales are minimal or there are none.

In this article, we’ll look at a few quick tips as to why you make not make sales despite your best efforts. The whole affiliate marketing concept has many ‘gears’ and if even out is out of alignment, there will be friction in your marketing and the entire machinery will grind to a screeching halt.

Let’s look at one of the most common mistakes if you’re NOT promoting the right products. Period.

1 – Promoting low-quality products

This is the biggest mistake of the lot. Most beginner affiliate marketers are so eager to make sales that they’ll promote anything and everything under the sun hoping to make a few easy commissions.

Here’s the truth – if you say that everything is good, then nothing is good. Your subscribers and visitors are smarter than that. They can smell hype a mile away.

Never put the dollar ahead of the customer. That will inevitably lead to you losing credibility and your subscribers will not trust you. Once they lose trust, you can forget about them buying what you recommend.

The same applies to the products that you mention on your websites. If you promote products that are sub-standard just because the affiliate payouts are high, you’ll probably end up with disgruntled customers emailing you or leaving negative comments on your blog.

Once again, you’ve burnt bridges and this buyer will never trust you again.

2 – Unrelated offers

If you have a website on weight loss, mention products such as power tools or having banner advertisements for survey programs will not cut it. Of course, you’ll get the occasional sale or two from the curious visitor, but that will never compare to mentioning a closely related product to your content.

Having a banner ad for an eBook that promises six pack abs, or a popular juicer that’s sold on Amazon will translate into many more sales from the health-conscious crowd that’s on your site.

If you’re building a list from your site (and you should be), the same thing applies. Only promote related offers to your niche… or find a way to angle or slant the offer to make it relevant to them.

If we used the earlier example, a series of audios on positive thinking may not really seem related to weight loss. However, if you mention how affirmations and positive thinking tips in these audios will help people stay focused and succeed in their weight loss journey, you’ll probably get sales from readers who need that motivation to keep going.

3 – Offers that don’t convert

Some offers just don’t sell. Either the sales copy is weak, or the product just doesn’t resonate with your audience. Track your offers and if they don’t convert after a month or two, ditch them.

Never be overly attached to the products you’re promoting. This is a business and not a marriage. Only promote products that sell well for you.

To wrap things up, adhere to the 3 tips above and you’ll increase your sales and commissions. It isn’t rocket science. Just put the customer before the money and put the right offer in front of the right customer – and you’ll be golden.

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