Avoiding Online Information Overload

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Written By Mike Gaudreau

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Mike Gaudreau

If you haven’t yet heard this phrase, information overload, you
will soon – because it happens to the majority of new Internet
marketers at some time or another.? Information overload is when
you simply have too much to learn – so much that you feel
overwhelmed, frustrated, and more confused than before you had help.

It happens easily with this industry because there are so many
options you have – an endless array of opportunities.? You can be a
product owner and an affiliate at the same time.

You can use article marketing, social marketing, or pay per click
campaigns.? You’re new, you may not know much about any of the
above, and suddenly you’re thrust into an environment where
everyone’s opinions differ and you don’t know where to start!

The first thing to do is calm down and take some of the pressure
off of yourself. All of this information you need to digest isn’t
going anywhere.? It’s going to be here tonight, next week, and a
year from now.

Don’t invest in a guide about Google AdWords, another about
Squidoo, and one about Private Label Rights all at the same time.
There’s an old saying, “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: One
bite at a time.

Internet marketing is your elephant and you have to choose whether
you want to start with the ear, the foot, or the tail section
first. It doesn’t matter if you start out learning about social
marketing before you know the ropes of article marketing, for

The point is that you’re educating yourself and putting that
knowledge to work for you.? As long as you start somewhere and then
actually apply that insight to a method of making money, you’re on
the road to success! Execution is everything.

However, there are a few things that will not make sense to learn
before others. If you have no money to start with, then don’t buy
(or even download for free) a guide about pay per click marketing.
Stay focused and start with something you can do.

You also may not want a 5000-page guide to everything all at once.
You’ll probably want to invest in small, bite-sized chunks of
information that you can digest and utilize before moving on. Want
to start with a free blog? Get a blog guide. Launch a blog.

Then move on to whatever interests you next, such as product
creation or selling on eBay – whatever floats your boat.? The key
is to not get stuck by having too much information and too many
choices at once.


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