Branding Yourself Online is Extremely Important!

mike gaudreau the wealthy boomer
Mike Gaudreau

Branding yourself. This is one of the most important lessons I have learnt!

Branding your name (or your pen name) is very important on the
Internet, no matter what niche you’re in.? You need to establish
yourself as an authority in your market, because people trust
authority figures most of all.

They trust their recommendations, they trust that their products
will be of good quality, and they trust that they have integrity.
It also gives your buyer confidence that you’re a real person – not
just some nameless, faceless entity trying to sell them something
on a static, automated website.

You should put your name on everything you create.? Whether it’s a
membership site, an eBook, or something as small as a PLR article
pack for sale – you should put your name on it.? Getting your name
out and recognized is essential to your ongoing success.

Think about all of the marketing experts you’ve heard of.? People
know and remember them because they put their names on everything
they put out.

Their names are all over the marketing forums, their eCovers, their
headers, and everything else they do.? They work very hard to brand
their names, because their names become the brands.? People buy
their products simply because their name is on it.

Buyers think that the product must be good, because the person is
so well-known.? You should do the same thing with your name.
Always use the same name on everything you do within a particular

You may not want to use your real name for whatever reason, but
your name needs to be a “real name.”? A nickname usually won’t cut
it in most markets, but sometimes it works.

If you’ve signed up for forums under a nickname, ask the moderators
if they can change your name to your real name or pen name.? You
might not want to tell the moderator’s it’s a pen name.? That’s up
to you.

Keep getting your name out there any way you can.? Host
teleseminars, JV with well-known people if possible, and offer to
help create content for famous people in your niche in exchange for
a Bio Box that hosts your name and link to your website.

Offer to be an interview subject for someone.? Be a “guest author”
for popular websites and blogs in your niche, and create 100%
original content for them. Never stop branding your name.? Even
someone as famous as Donald Trump, the king of name branding,
doesn’t stop marketing.

Donald still puts his name on everything he does.? His name appears
in huge, bold letters on his books.? He names buildings after
himself.? Think of Trump Tower, Trump Taj Mahal, and Trump Plaza.
His name is all over everything.

Not only is it a matter of pride, but it keeps his name everywhere.
You may never be as famous as the Donald, and you may not even like
him, but if you follow these instructions, you might become known
as the king or queen of your own little niche or for a particular
slant that grows in popularity.

Here is an example of how I use Vital Viral Pro to brand my ads

Gravatar is used on hundreds of sites around the web!

Many blogs have it built right in by default, and so it makes sense to
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