Building Yourself An Ebook Empire

mike gaudreau the wealthy boomer
Mike Gaudreau

While there are many ways to build a business online, building your
own eBook empire is one method that can create long-term residual
income for years to come. Of course, eBooks provide many perks up

You don’t have to stock any inventory. You can keep overhead costs
low (no publisher and agent percentages like there are with print
books).? You have an endless supply that can be purchased at any
time of the day or year.

But they also offer many benefits that aren’t so obvious.? While a
tangible book in your local bookstore might sell for $14.95, an
eBook on the same subject could sell at anywhere from $27 or more
online as a digital download.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to launch your own eBook
empire.? The writing is much easier for an online audience – more
like you do every day via email than what you learned in a
college-level English class.

Many ebook authors start out as ghostwriters for other top Internet
marketers on a freelance basis.? When they discover how profitable
their ebooks actually are, many actually decide to learn the entire
process of launching their own ebooks themselves.

You can even find quality freelancers to create your products for
you at a fraction of the price, and turn around and launch them
with your name on it – and it’s not only legal – it’s standard
practice in this industry!

So what does it means to launch an empire of ebooks?? You start
with one, and then branch out – branding yourself as the go-to
person for that demographic’s needs. You don’t have to write one
definitive guide to wedding planning, for example.

You can write one about picking the perfect wedding gown, another
on wedding flowers, one on honeymoons, and so on. Each smaller
niche idea that you drill down into gives you more selling

There’s a step-by-step process for developing an ebook – which
begins with finding your niche and ends with the launch of your own
powerhouse affiliate program.? You want to have an army of virtual
salespeople out there pulling in profits for you while you continue
adding building blocks to your empire with follow-up product ideas.

You can use many free and low-cost tools to launch your first and
subsequent ebooks online. It isn’t a business opportunity that
requires a large investment of money, but you do need to commit
some time to ensure it’s properly launched in a way that bolsters
your reputation in the community.

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