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My review of Blueprint Pro – Barely not a scam

Blueprint pro is an internet marketing course that purports to make us immune to the changes in the internet such as the Panda and Penguin updates of our benevolent pals at Google. There has to be a thousand so called gurus talking to us about this since last year.

In brief this scheme supposedly allows us to skirt the big bad Panda and Penguin of Google. How is this possible? Good old tried and true techniques such as quality content and good old fashioned contact lists. That?s how. So why is this so revolutionary that we would shell out up to $647 of our hard earned or scarce money? What?s so new about this course? And is it a scam?
Let?s look further.

Wealthy Boomers Review Of Wealthy Affiliate – Top Internet Marketing Program

There are hundreds maybe thousands of internet marketing, SEO marketing, making money on the internet, content writing courses and “how to” documents available. Baby boomers who want to learn to how to build a website properly and to earn income from it are faced with a daunting task in finding choosing something that:

? IS not a scam,
? Was developed by credible sources,
? Has online training and support,
? Offers site hosting,
? Has many useful tools,
? Is affordable

and found all in one place. I believe Wealthy Affiliate is one of the only; if not the only product that satisfies the list of characteristics above.