Communication and Relationship Building

mike gaudreau the wealthy boomer
Mike Gaudreau

Its Wednesday and each week we are going to pass on a tip or strategy to
help you build your business and income online.

This weeks tip is: Communication and relationship building

In this day and age, there are so many ways to communicate with people who purchase
from your business, or who join your affiliate program, but, the one thing 99% of the
people in business online don’t do is simply stay in touch.

If you are apart of an affiliate marketing program, lets use Traffic Wave for example,
and you refer a new affiliate. Try to connect with and stay in touch with your new business
partner at least once a week or more.

Don’t be pushy. Simply say hello, introduce yourself, and offer advice, tips and strategies
that are working for you.

Connect with them via email, skype, face book, twitter, and even pick up the phone and say

Your new business partner could potentially earn you $1000s, so its in your best
interest to build a real relationship with them and help them succeed.

I cannot tell you how many programs I have joined, and never heard from the person who
recruited me. I bet most of you have had this happen also. Its very discouraging and is
one of the reasons so many people fail in building their businesses online.

It takes only a few minutes a day to type out a message to your business partners, or
make a small post on the face book page, and, I guarantee you are going to see the huge
results if you make communicating and building relationships a key part of your business.

Ok, that is enough for today, best of luck in your online business.

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