What Are “Content Upgrades” and Why Do They Work?

Have you heard about content upgrades? They are one of the hottest new list building trends for one very good reason; they work extremely well. Let’s take a look at exactly what a content upgrade is, why it works so well, and how you can put this high conversion list building tool to use immediately.

What Is a Content Upgrade?

A content upgrade is a very specific list building tactic. You find out which blog posts are the most popular on your site. You then create individual opt-in lead magnets for each of those popular posts. Does this sound like traditional list building? It is, but it isn’t.

Sure, people sign up to your list in return for your opt-in offer, just like the “old school” way of building a list. But here is why content upgrades work so well, and convert at a higher than normal rate. You make a different opt-in offer for each blog post you write. If you wrote a post about the benefits of simplifying your life, you might create an opt-in freebie for that post which is a PDF titled “Top 10 Life Simplification Tips”.

Because that opt-in gift is so laser targeted to the post topic, you can understand why you will probably enjoy a much higher conversion rate than with your “one-size-fits-all” opt-in offer on your site.

How to Get Started with Content Upgrades

You first need to know what your most popular posts are. You can download Google Analytics to your site, and after about 24 hours of number-crunching, you will begin to see which blog posts attract the most attention. You can also just look at your comments and choose the posts which get the most feedback.

Then read one of your more popular posts carefully. What does it talk about? What value is there for the reader? Try to figure out why you think this is one of your most popular posts. Then create a PDF, checklist or resource guide which perfectly complements that blog post.

In the middle of your blog post content, place an opt-in box or form that offers the related opt-in offer you just created. Integrate it with your autoresponder, and you are done. You have just created a content upgrade. This marketing tool is so named because you are upgrading content you created in the past.

WordPress is the most popular blogging and website creation platform in the world. If you happen to have a WordPress site or blog, you can use the following content upgrade tools to make the process quick and easy:

The above may offer a limited free version but are all applications that you have to pay for to get full functionality. Or simply just repackage using some nice graphics and advanced formatting to give your content a nicer look and save it as a pdf type file. There are also a few free WordPress plugins out there, but I have not yet evaluated them; but if you like experimenting you may find something worthwhile.


I hope you try repurposing some of your best content as an upgrade. If you like this article please leave me a comment or press the Facebook Like button below.

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