Discover How Seniors Can Ramp Up Their Online Business with Focus

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As a senior citizen, very often you’ll discover that after an hour or two at the computer, you may feel exhausted. As we age, our energy levels are not what they used to be.

Sitting for long hours in front of the computer may leave you with a backache or your eyes may be tired from staring at the screen too long. Many seniors have weaker eyesight and can’t spend a long time staring at a screen.

Because of these limitations, you really need to focus on what you need to accomplish for the day and get it done ASAP! The internet is filled with distractions.

Social media will suck up your time and drain your energy if you allow it to. You must starve the distractions and feed your focus if you wish to take your online business to the next level.

In this article, you’ll learn 5 tips to sharpen your focus and keep you on track. Adhere to them and you’ll be more productive.

1 – One at a Time

Always focus on one task at a time. These days, everyone tries to multitask without realizing that scattering your efforts over several tasks at the same time results in you being more disoriented and nothing ever gets the full attention it deserves.

By choosing one task to focus on, you’ll give it your full attention. If you’re writing a post for your blog, don’t try and listen to an audio course. You can always do that later. Focus, focus, focus.

You’ll get more done in a shorter time and you can always play the audio course later on while sitting on a couch relaxing.

2 – Have a To Do List

It’s easy to lose track of what you’re supposed to do. Always keep a little journal with a to-do list for you to stay on track. This will reduce the effort required to recall from memory.

Everything is in black and white and you just need to complete the tasks and follow-up on what you need to. Many times, online, you’ll discover that you need to go back and forth between tasks for them to work in synchronicity.

For example, if you’re setting up a product to sell, you may have to add in the sales page URL. If you have not done the sales page, you’ll probably skip that part for later. This is where you make a note in your list to update the product listing later.

After you’ve created a sales page, now you have something to remind you to go back and add the URL to your product listing. If you don’t have that to-do list, it’s very easy to overlook and forget what needs to be followed up on.

3 – Learn as You Do

Usually, when you buy marketing courses, they may come in written or video format. Always read through or watch the course once in its entirety to get a bird’s eye view of the process and steps required.

Next, you’ll need to go through the same course again and follow along with the instructions provided. You MUST DO. You’ll only learn by doing.

Many people watch a course once… decide to come back to it later… and they go watch another course and another one after that – and three months later, nothing is done. They’ve also forgotten what the first course was about.

As mentioned earlier, one task at a time and do what you need to.

4 – Look for Guidance

When facing an obstacle and you have no idea what to do, you MUST stay focused. Do not give up on the project because it seems too hard. You’d have wasted your time and effort getting to this stage.

You need to go on Google and search for solutions to the problem. You can search for instructional videos on YouTube too. Most teething problems that you face with your internet-based business can be solved just by looking for answers online.

5 – Ask for Help

If you can’t figure something out, you can always post a question and answer sites such as Quora or Yahoo Answers. If you’re in Facebook groups dedicated to marketing online, you can ask there too.

In the event, you are facing tech issues with your hosting or you have a software problem, you can always open a support ticket with the vendor. Whatever the case, there is always a solution to most problems online.

If you focus on finding an answer to the problem instead of quitting, you’ll solve it and be able to progress in your online business. Always focus on the outcome and not the obstacle – and success will be yours.

Also, check out these productivity tools and also get my list of useful browser extensions to help you stay focused and productive.

[avatar user=”mike” size=”thumbnail” align=”” link=”file”]Mike Gaudreau is the owner of The Wealthy Boomers, a site devoted to helping seniors make money online. Mike resides in Montreal Canada.[/avatar]

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