Easy Ways to Get Traffic

Traffic Source Description Advantages Disadvantages
Traffic Exchanges Manual Traffic Exchanges allow members to exchange guaranteed website views with each other ? an easy way to get lots of people to see your website very quickly. Very Easy, Free, Work if used correctly Less Responsive than other website promotion strategies ? can only be used effectively to promote ?internet marketing? & ?make money online opportunities?.
Email List Mailers These include safelists and viral mailers where a large group of marketers agree to receive promotional emails from each other. Very Easy, Free, Work if used correctly Like Traffic Exchanges, Opt-In Safelists are only really effective for promoting stuff in the internet marketing & make money niches because you?re promoting to other marketers.  
Ad Exchanges These include banner ad and text ad exchanges where marketers exchange ad views Very Easy, Free, Work if used correctly, More targeted traffic than ordinary traffic exchange traffic due to the fact that people on these sites often only click banners and text ads which interest them Like any traffic or ad exchange, traffic is exchanged with other marketers so these sites cannot be used to effectively promote websites outside the internet marketing and make money niches
Email List Building This area of marketing differs from safelist marketing in that you are actually building your OWN personal list of email newsletter subscribers using an autoresponder and lead capture system. A responsive list of personal newsletter subscribers is GOLD ? this is probably the best traffic generation system there is for any niche. If you have a responsive autoresponder list you can make money literally ?on demand? by simply recommending products to your list ? targeted to the list type ? eg. weight loss, make money online. This can be more trickier than the other methods on this page because so many people are giving away ?free reports? ? the incentive you give away to entice people to join your list MUST have both real and perceived value (not just a made up dollar value either!) ? it needs to actually help people.
?PTC Sites PTC stands for ?Paid To Click? and is an area of online marketing where companies and individuals pay people to look at their websites. Very Easy, Cheap Great for promoting ?make money online? opportunities because the audience are all people who are looking to ?make money online?.PTC sites can make you money if used correctly ? so you can actually just click ads to earn enough money to buy ads. PTC won?t work well for promoting things outside the make money and internet marketing niches because of the audience who are seeing your websites ? they either want to make money or advertise their own sites. Some PTC sites are badly managed and disappear before they have delivered your traffic ? you need to use decent sites.
Viral Traffic Generation Sites These sites harness other peoples? marketing efforts to drive traffic to your sites. Easy to use & understand ? these sites?can?unleash a viral torrent of traffic to your sites leading to multiple leads and sales. You need to recruit ?action takers? for these to work ? this means getting lots of referrals so that?some?of them propagate the viral traffic flow.

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