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wordpress plugged inI have been using WordPress for all my websites for the last two years. I settled on WordPress for several reasons.

  • It’s by far the most widely deployed platform on the internet
  • WordPress is an open source software and is available at no cost
  • It is supported and developed by a huge worldwide community
  • Thousands of site themes are available at no cost or for a small fee
  • Thousands of software add ons in the form of plugins and widgets are available
  • It is easy and fast to get a site up and running

WordPress is by far the market leader for building websites – and it’s free!

I have tried a few other platforms in the past such as Joomla and Drupal. Both are also open source and well supported; but they are more complicated to install, get up and running and to maintain. I am a recently retired IT person and even I found both to be a bit of a challenge.

WordPress is a better choice because it allows you to focus on creating quality content instead of worrying about technical details. Have a look at this chart to see how dominant WordPress is in the market. This is not by accident.

I tried a few others but nothing compares to the ease of working with WordPress

top blogging platforms worldwide

WordPress is both a blogging and a Content Management System. See my article on Content Management Systems for some additional information. This combination is a very powerful for bloggers, website creators and the combination of both types of sites.

WordPress is both a content management system and a blogging platform – a very powerful combo

Let me show you how simple it is to get a site up and running with WordPress. Have a look at these videos from Wealthy Associate; a leading internet marketing program and business community. See my Wealthy Affiliate article for more information on this program. Here is the videos.

Wordpress setup video

Click Here To See First Video

WA Setting up website

Click Here To See Second Video

Now wasn’t that simple?

The next thing you are going to need is a place to house your website. There are many good hosting companies out there and two I recommend are Bluehost and GoDaddy. Both offer not only site hosting but other services such as email and domain names. Like we saw in the videos they both provide simplified creation of a WordPress site.

The advantage of Wealthy Affiliate though is that with their premium package you get to host an unlimited number of sites as well as receiving access to its top notch internet marketing training. You can also sign-up and try for free for as long as you want as well.

Choosing the right hosting company is very important to your success

In the Wealthy Affiliate internet marketing program? (see my article) you will learn how to build out your website, leverage social media, create quality content and much, much more. You will have access to a community of people such as yourself who are trying to achieve the same success on the internet, in real time by chat or ?by discussion groups.This is rare in any program I know of.

Also the founders will drop in often to help. ?So not only do you have access to the training, but there are also tons of additional classes and tutorials that expand in more detail on various topics.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great combination of quality online marketing training and web hosting

Have a look here at one of the classes on Google Authorship, something I didn’t know existed and how important it can be.

WA Google Authorship

Training Module On Google Authorship

This is one of the many advantages to a program such as Wealthy Affiliate. Of course you can choose to have your site hosted at?Bluehost?or?GoDaddy; but they won’t have the same training available. You can also use another reputable online marketing training program (here’s an example) than Wealthy Affiliate; but I doubt any will provide the same level of training and unlimited site hosting. It simply does not exist anywhere else.

Just to prove I was actually in ParisSo if you have any questions or comments on how to build a website with WordPress or anything else just leave a comment below or reach me through my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

Mike, founder of The Wealthy Boomers



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