I have created a report indicating how each of you is doing hit wise. Hopefully it will be of help.?It is located below.
Team Elite is different to most other online businesses in many ways. One is that our teams are small and fluid, where other teams are massive and waiting times for referrals can be a long time. Another difference is that over time your income from GDI will increase, where with a lot of current opportunities the income starts off OK but dwindles away over time to nothing, I have seen it happen many times.
With our team system the ONLY way to succeed is to learn to make a profit yourself and then help others do the same. Anyone can take the initiative to earn more than their sponsor or upline. We all have the same opportunity only those that take action will see results.
netcash 3785
lescanadiens 1790
simplyearningwithnobs 1654
mosgdicorp 1045
havenlad 1022
life4cash 450
zcabanilla 11
recurringincomeblueprint 0
teamelitegal 0
deshon222 0
angel971 0
dailyains 0
grazzillo83 0
nikyt 0
Total Hits 9757
Desired Hits 14000
Percent Achieved 70%
Team Participation 43%

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