Get A Start In Video Marketing

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Mike Gaudreau

Video is a spectacular way to market on the Internet, especially
now that so many Internet users have broadband access.? More users
are able to view and download video.? Video sharing websites are
more popular than ever.

YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world, and other
video sharing sites are growing in popularity, too – including
niche-specific sites, like those for Internet marketing. As a
result of the gain in popularity of video sharing sites, more
marketers are turning to video as a way to promote their products
and services.

Almost any type of product or service can be promoted through
video, but it’s important to do it properly.? People generally
don’t visit video sites to view commercials.? There might be
exceptions for people who want to watch classic commercials, funny
commercials, or extremely popular commercials.

But for the most part, people don’t want to watch commercials.
They come to be entertained or to learn something.? If you want
your videos to be viewed a lot, you need to either be extremely
funny, exciting, controversial or educational.

If your free videos offer a ton of quality content, they have a
good chance of going viral and making you money. Video is so
powerful – not only because of the sheer number of people who view
video sharing sites every day, but because it can be much more
persuasive than the written word.

Some people respond better to writing, but others respond better to
video.? Video can really help you to get your point across to
people who don’t read well, or people who really hate to read.

Many marketers feel they don’t look good on camera, or don’t have
the budget to produce quality videos.

That’s one big reason behind the popularity of Camtasia.? Camtasia
is a great program that allows you to make videos by taking video
screenshots of your computer.? You can select a portion of your
screen to be shown, and then you can make your video by simply
moving from through your online presentation.

You can also use a microphone to record your voice explaining the
process as you go through it. Camtasia is very easy to use, making
it extremely popular for people who aren’t very good with technical

Many people are able to make their first video with Camtasia within
an hour of opening the software!? This makes it perfect for almost
any marketer. If you’re promoting an eBook about Squidoo, for
example, then your video could be a short tutorial about one aspect
of how to use the site – like adding images to a Squidoo lens or
setting up your own group on Squidoo.

You can do this with nearly any kind of product.? If your product
is a dog training DVD, you can post a couple of samples from it.
Show how to teach a dog to sit, and another showing how to teach a
dog to heel.

If your product is about how to make money with eBooks, you could
have a couple of sample videos on how to get affiliates, or how to
get more traffic to your website, making sure you show proof of
your results within the video production.

Even if you don’t want to post your videos to the video sharing
sites, you can post them on your own site or blog.? You can even
put video on your sales page for higher conversions. Video can be
an important selling tool, but it’s also effective as the primary
media you use to create your product, too.

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