How To Build A WordPress Site In Less Than A Minute (Video Proof)

wordpress logo with globeYou are probably wondering about the claim I am making about building a WordPress site in less than a minute. I fully understand your scepticism. But I hope by the end of this article you will see that it is possible to do just that.

You are probably wondering about the claim I am making


First of all let me say that I have been using WordPress to build several websites. I settled on WordPress because it provided not only an excellent blogging platform, but it also acts as a content management system, making it very easy to setup and maintain the site’s content and features. If you want to read more about content management systems please refer to this article.

But you needed to know about and how to do the following to build a site:

    • ?FTP?ing files
    • Setting up databases
    • Worrying about DNS or Domain Registrars
    • HTML or PHP
    • Photoshop
    • Install xpensive add on programs

Even for a long time IT professional like myself this was difficult to do.


Then you had to do the following to install a website manually:

    1. Acquire your domain name
    2. Provision web hosting
    3. Download the WordPress software
    4. Create your SQL database for your WordPress site
    5. Install the WordPress package
    6. Perform some initial hoesekeeping on the site
    7. Install essential security and performance plugins and widgets

Do you really want to install the website manually when it can be done automatically in no time at all?


Then came along WordPress Express. Essentially this allows for the creation of a fully functional website in seconds. All the hard stuff is taken care of for you in no time at all. Many hosting companies are using this for their clients. Bluehost and Go Daddy are two of those. Also the internet marketing program known as Wealthy Affiliate is also providing their community initial sites created with this feature. See my article about the Wealthy Affiliate program here for more details of this great program.

Then came along WordPress Express


I would like to show you now the following video which illustrates just how simple it is to now get up and running with WordPress and hopefully put your scepticism to rest.

?build a wordpress site in 30 seconds


So now you have seen the power that tools like WordPress Express possess. Out of the box you will get a fully functional website that you can build out easily with quality content. Also since WordPress is supported by thousands of developers you can also add functionality to your site via free plugins and widgets.

If you want to get started with building a website and learning how to properly develop content within a niche then I recommend that you begin with a starter account at Wealthy Affiliate. For no cost you will have access to some training by experts as well as the ability to build out two free websites. All you need to do is register here.

I recommend that you?begin with a starter account at Wealthy Affiliate


During the first week after you have enrolled at Wealthy Affiliate you will also have access to their premium content and courses. If you find the Premium program of interest you can opt in. The first month costs only $19 and then $49 a month afterwards. The decision is yours. You can choose to stay with the starter program for as long as you want.

If you decide to go ahead I want you to do me a favour. Please leave a comment on this article regarding your success in creating a WordPress site at Wealthy Affiliate. And please inform your social media friends and your relatives who may be considering setting up there own websites.

Please leave a comment on this article regarding your success?


Just to prove I was actually in Paris

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