How to find the best keywords

Finding good keywords can be a daunting task


keyword research
Proper keyword research is essential in order to succeed online

Today I am going to show you how to go about finding the right keywords for your site using a method I learnt six months ago. Before then I had a hard time finding keywords relevant to my niche.

Following a simple four step process will help you get faster results?

This is a quick four step process that allows you to create a list of relevant keywords in a very short period of time. The steps are:

    1. Google search bar
    2. Yahoo answers or similar site
    3. eHow or similar site
    4. A keyword research tool like Jaaxy?

I have summarized his in this video.


Start with the Google search bar to get some initial ideas

First thing I do when starting out to find my keywords is to go to Google and type in a keyword that relates to my niche. For example if I was writing an article about finding keywords I might type in the Google search bar ?how to find niche keywords? like below.

Google will show alternative keywords that are searched as well as the one you are investigating. This will give you more potential keywords.
Google will show alternative keywords that are searched as well as the one you are investigating. This will give you more potential keywords.

You will notice that Google has also suggested a few other relevant keywords that compliment my original search. I will note some of these down for further research later. My list for now has the following I have retained ?how to find niche keywords? and ?how to find profitable niche keywords?.

Then use tools like Yahoo Answers and eHow to find more keyword ideas

?Next I will go to Yahoo Answers for example to see if I can harvest any other candidates.

Yahoo Answers Niche Keywords
Use a tool like Yahoo Answers to get more ideas for keywords

From here I see a few candidates. I have chosen ?how to find a low competition keyword? to add to my list since it fits in nicely. Now I have three keyword ideas to prime my further research with my keyword tool.

I will then add to this initial list some relevant results from eHow .

how to find niche keywords   eHow
Augment your keyword list by leveraging sites like eHow

From eHow I like the idea ?how to find the best keywords?

Now use a keyword research tool to finalize your awesome keywords?

So now I have a good starter list to continue my research with and go to my keyword research tool. As mentioned earlier I am using Jaaxy Enterprise here which I chose after considerable research. Further information on the Jaaxy tool can be found here.

Let?s go to Jaaxy and continue our research and to see our keyword list grow from the four we have already found.

Jaaxy   The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool
Use a keyword research tool like Jaaxy to finalize your list of keywords

Here I have entered one of my four keywords and above you see the results yielded many more possibilities within a few seconds. So what are we looking here for? Well in general we are looking for keywords that are estimated to get at least 50 searches per month and a competition of less than 400 represented by the QSR figure. This means that there are 400 or less sites on the web using this keyword at the moment. So these make very good candidates to use. Jaaxy makes selection easy as well as it will mark the good ones with a green dot.

I then add the ones I like to the list and continue with my next three in the same manner. Ultimately my list ended up like this.


Jaaxy   The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool list example
After an hour or less you can have a good keyword list built providing content ideas for the next little while

Following this method will pay off

?So now within an hour I have been able to start with a list of four and expanded it to eleven. In fact there was a nugget in there that should get me over 700 hits a month with relatively little competition. This particular one was discovered with eHow. Also it?s important to remember that your keywords; phrases actually; make sense when read.


So in summary I have tried to show how much easier it is to find good keywords if you follow a method and use a tool like Jaaxy to help you. You will no doubt come up with a lot of ideas in a short period of time. This little case study has given me several weeks of post and article ideas for my site.

If you want to explore keyword reseach tools more you can take most of them on the market for a free test ride, including Jaaxy.

One final note. If you google ?boomer travel? or ?boomer travel trend? you will see my site How Baby Boomers Travel rank on page one. This has been the case for some time and proof that following this methodology works.

me at google hq
Me at Google HQ

If you have any feedback or comments on anything related to this article, I would love to hear it. ?Please drop me a note in the comments below! I try to respond within 24 hours.

Mike, founder of The Wealthy Boomers

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