Understand How to Structure a Blog Post That Attracts Interest

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how to structure a blog
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Great content alone is not sufficient to make your blog post hook your readers by the eyeballs and keep them reading until the final word. You need to understand how to structure a blog post. Your blog will require to have an established organization that works.

How to structure a blog post and avoid the interest span of a goldfish syndrome.

It is vital to know that your rivalry is no other blogs in your niche. No no! They are in the identical dilemma as you.

Your actual competition is massive social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… and news update sites and Netflix, Hulu, etc. These places are jam-packed with billions of people together.

The continuous notices from social media apps have formed a society with people who have the attention span of a goldfish. People choose to view videos over reading and even then if a video becomes too lengthy, they halt it partway and dart away to something else.

It does not matter what sort of blog you operate; you can wager that most of your readers WOULD like to be amused as well. People like infotainment. No one wants to feel like they are reading an instruction book.

This is the vital point to bear in mind when organizing your blog post. The content must be great, but the structure of the blog post requires to amuse.

Your title is your advertisement.

The title of your blog post should serve as a headline to pull the readers in. Alluring titles get a lot of hatred, but guess what? They work! They get folks to click on the links and that is what you want.

Your reader’s attention must be peaked when they read the name of your blog post. To get a decent sense of what sorts of titles reel people in, you should research the titles on BuzzFeed.com.

The content in your blog post will need to be consistent with the title but is of lesser importance.

Use some Images.

Inserting an appealing image below the title will further interest your reader. Do add a caption to your image since everybody reads the caption.

Using gifs, memes, customized images will get your readers more hooked on your content.

The content itself

It goes without saying that you do not get another chance to make an initial impression. The first paragraph of your blog post needs to grab their interest and amuse them.

Once you get them involved in the first paragraph, you will most almost certainly get them committed to reading the balance of the blog post.

Infuse your persona into the content. You are the best salesperson for the post. People like to read what other people write. A great personality that is delightful, entertaining, and still trustworthy will stimulate trust in the reader and your charm will win them over.

Use Sub-headers, bullets, bold text.

Use sub-headers to break up big pieces of text. Reading from a screen is more taxing to the eyes than reading from a book. By injecting a sub-header every few paragraphs, you will not only improve the legibility of the post but people who scan read will get the gist of the content.

You can also utilize bullet points to recap and streamline the text. Bullet points are highly effective for getting your facts across because many people enjoy reading them.

Using bold text can help draw interest to specific facts you want to emphasize. Use bold text here and there.

Use Plugins

Use a plugin like Thrive Leads in the center of your blog post to give the reader an opportunity to sign up for your list.

Another outstanding plugin you might invest in is Post Gopher. This will let the reader to download your blog post as a PDF while moving them on your list. So, you’re killing 2 birds with one stone. Not only will there be a greater possibility for them to use your content, but you are also building your list.

While utilizing plugins is not vital to the structure of a blog post, it is just too valuable to disregard. You always want to be building your list.

Conclusion & Call To Action (CTA)

Always end your blog post with a conclusion and perhaps a call to action. Do not end it suddenly and leave your readers hanging.

When your blog post ends, you may want to have a call to action. While this is not essential for every post, it does help to use it on more posts.

Your call to action may either direct the reader to a product you are selling or an affiliate product or you may just invite them to sign up for your list and get a gift.

This will not only help you get sales and build a list, but it will get your readers used to the notion that your blog is also a business, and if they enjoy you, they will do their best to help you.

The finest way to get an idea of how to structure a blog post will be to pay a visit to trendy blogs and check out how their most prevalent posts are structured. Just look at the number of comments, likes, and shares the post has collected and you will know how well-received it is.

From there it is just a matter of using their posts as models and employing the ideas in this article. Once you get the hang of it, you will intuitively know how to produce a blog post that is satisfying to the eye and grabs the reader’s attention. That’s how you do it.

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