Is E-commerce a Viable Business Model for Seniors?

In this article, we’ll consider Shopify stores, and other WooCommerce stores that sell products such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, key tags, gifts, etc. as “e-commerce”.

Very often, these stores are advertised using Facebook advertising and other types of paid advertising. While the e-commerce business model is highly lucrative with the successful sellers raking in thousands in a day, the crucial question is – Is it suitable for seniors?

To answer this question, we’ll need to ask ourselves some questions.

1 – What’s your budget like?

The e-commerce model is a ‘cash heavy’ one. While it doesn’t require massive cash outlays, it does require you to spend money testing ads. Very often, you’ll hear people trying to sell e-commerce models telling you that you could make tons of profit investing only $5.

This is not entirely true. In fact, hundreds of dollars are usually spent to discover a winning product or an ad that converts. That’s just how it is. They only recoup their losses when they discover a product that sells.

While this may not be that big a deal to someone who is working, most seniors are out of the workforce and on limited funds. It’s vital to asses your budget and finances before trying e-commerce out.

If you have money to spare, you can give it a go. However, if cash is tight and you’re coming online in the hopes of making a few dollars to alleviate your financial problems, e-commerce is NOT for you.

2 – Are you interested in it?

Ultimately, you’ll need to constantly test and tweak your ads. You’ll spend hours analyzing your stats.

You’ll also need to look for new products to sell. You’ll either be getting new designs done or be designing them yourself for print on demand companies.

There’ll be returns and customer issues to deal with. If you follow the dropshipping model, you’ll have to source for reliable suppliers, etc. There are many moving parts in this business model.

It may all seem too complicated to most seniors who are new to online marketing. Generally, you’d be better off starting off with simpler business models such as freelancing, niche websites, affiliate marketing, product creation and so on.

Once you’re making good money with these, you can plough in some of those profits and go into e-commerce to diversify your online portfolio. E-commerce is risky, requires cash… and requires a lot of time and effort.

3 – How much time do you have?

Seniors generally have much more time on their hands since they’ve left the workforce. Unfortunately, one of the many ironies of life is that now they have the time, but not as much energy – and they get tired easily.

E-commerce requires you to spend time analyzing your ads, conversions, etc. You’re always on the clock because money is being spent on ads. You can’t afford to take a day or two break which could lead to money being lost due to underperforming ads.

So, knowing how much time and energy you have to invest in this business model is something to take note of too.

4 – Have you made money online with other methods?

Ideally, you should only embark on an e-commerce model after you’ve given the other online marketing methods a try. With e-commerce, you’ll need to know how to build a store. You’ll need some idea of copywriting to make your product listings look good.

Then we have Facebook pages and ads. So, you need an understanding of social media. SEO is also important so that you can generate organic traffic.

By now you’ll realize that e-commerce requires knowledge and skills that are gained from knowing the other online marketing methods. It’s best to start off with those first before you plunge into e-commerce. That pretty much sums it up – only start with e-commerce when you’re truly ready

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  1. ruben

    Hola. En realidad, hay tantas ofertas que no se sabe quien es el bueno y quien es el malo… a mi me han estafado varias veces, hasta que dije basta. No me gustan los sitios que dicen que es buenísimo, dan “garantia”… pero hay que desembolsar el cash ántes…
    Tampoco me gustan los cursos… no me van (tengo más de 50 años), solamente estoy patrocinando un link de una empresa que vende oro fìsico (me ha llegado oro a mi casa), y es muy buena empresa (honesta).
    Lo que si, es dificil vender. Promociono varios link de la empresa, pero no doy en la tecla.

    1. Mike - The Wealthy Boomer

      Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Hay muchas estafas. Intento solo promover buenas oportunidades. También trato de dar información útil. Te deseo buena suerte con tu negocio. ¿Cuál es el nombre del negocio que promueves?

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