LeadsLeap Funnel System

LeadsLeap Funnel System Addional Pages

Here are some custom pages you can use to add to the system.

Below each page is a share code that you will use with the LeadsLeap Page Builder.

You may then import the pages into your own LeadsLeap account and modify the pages with your own headlines and so on.

N.B. Ensure that you change the list ID and the redirect link with your own ID's.

Share Code: TwNxzNVU


Share Code: LMcVGwU


Share Code: LzwWWMU


How To Use The Import Codes

Sign in to your LeadsLeap account and click the "My Landing Pages" option under "Landing Page Builder" in the left-hand menu.

Then click the "Add a new campaign" button.

A popup should appear and you can enter the name of your new campaign and then click the "Add Now" button to create it.

Once the campaign is created click the "+" button to import the page.

Enter your share code for one of the pages above and then click the "Import Now" button to import the page into your campaign.

Then click the "Launch Editor" button to change the newly imported page.

When the editor is loaded click the "1. List" option in the left-hand menu.

Now enter your List ID for your LeadsLeap funnel system that you setup on the system page.

Enter the link below in the "Redirect Subscriber to a Custom URL" input, and change your LeadsLeap Username at the end of the URL.


Click the checkbox to "Open in a new window".

You may now edit the page as you wish and then ensure to click the green save button on the top right.

You may now close the editor and don't forget to activate the page by clicking the "Activate this page" link.

You are now ready to promote your new page using the campaign link.

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