Marketing Tip – 5 Jan 2016

mike gaudreau the wealthy boomer
Mike Gaudreau

It is Tuesday Jan 5 and each week we will be giving you tips and strategies to help you
become more successful in your online promotions.

I have stressed this a lot, but the the most important thing you should be marketing online
is you. You are the most important part of your business. People are going to purchase
from you or join your program because of you. Not some fancy website or splash page.

So, when marketing online, make sure to promote yourself through personal splash pages
and lead capture pages.

Don’t be afraid to put up a picture of yourself, and let people know who you are and
what you are trying to achieve online, and why they should purchase from you or join
your program you are promoting.

Better yet, make up your own videos then put them on splash pages or lead capture
pages. You will stand out from 99% of the people marketing online

You will see your marketing efforts take off if you follow this strategy.

I use nothing but personal splash pages and lead capture pages in my marketing efforts.
I never use straight up affiliate sites, and, you should do the same also.

If the program you are marketing has personal splash pages, then use them. If the
don’t have them, then join a program like Adkreator
and set up your own. Adkreator is a very simple and easy to use and will help
you stand out from the crowd.

Ok, that is it for today. Best of luck to you in your new years promotions.

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