Remote Work Is Massive Opportunity For People Over 60. Here Is Why

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Written By Mike Gaudreau

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Have you ever considered remote work?

Before we retired, many of us imagined going to live in a hot country somewhere where we could relax in the sun, put our feet up, and enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, that’s not always how things pan out. We soon discover that retirement isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, and we find ourselves wanting more from life.  Here is where remote work can help.

For many of us, the obvious choice is to go back to work. We have valuable skills that the market offers, and we can put them to use. Lord knows the economy needs it right now. 

Until the advent of remote work, this kind of re-entry into the workforce was seen as problematic. Employees assumed that older people didn’t have the fortitude to withstand the rigors of the modern marketplace. And that meant that very few got invited back once they handed in their final notice. 

But the psychology around remote work is changing the equation substantially. You do not have to commute. And all you often need to do to make money is to offer your services in a consultative role. Unlike the younger guys in the office, you’re not spending hours poring over spreadsheets. You’re doing the more straightforward, big picture work that only comes with decades of experience in your industry.

Remote Work Opportunities

As this Click4Assistance video chat discussion points out, the number of ways people can connect with their work via online terminals is tremendous. Today, you have so many more options that make remote working more comfortable. It’s funny that it should all arrive just in time for the pandemic. 

The opportunities for people over the age of 60 are quite remarkable, primarily because of the work’s global reach. US-based people can advise companies operating in Europe or the Far East and vice versa. There’s practically no limit to the reach that your services have in the modern global economy. Everything is so interconnected; you’re almost spoiled for choice. If you want to provide consulting services to companies in Japan, you can.

Earn More Than During Your Career

In your career, you traded high individual payments for a low but stable salary. But now you’re retired, you’re already sitting on a nest egg, so you might as well charge as much for your time as possible.

Earning more than during your career is certainly possible – especially on an hour-by-hour basis. Remember, market participants will view you as somebody who has tremendous experience. You won’t be a colleague, but rather somebody who provides one-off services at the market rate. 

The actual amount you’ll get paid depends heavily on your level of expertise and the number of people able to provide similar levels of advice. The fewer people like you in the marketplace, the more you’ll be able to charge your customers and clients. 

Often, you’re able to make the same amount of money you used to earn in a week in the space of a single day. The opportunities are quite remarkable for retirees who can find them and we hope that this post has been of help.

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