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Submission WorksPRODUCT: Submission Works
My Ranking: Last
Price: $59US per Month
Product Providers: Brandon Wheeler
Website: Submission Works


There are hundreds maybe thousands of internet marketing, SEO marketing, making money on the internet, content writing courses and “how to” documents available. Baby boomers who want to learn to how to build a website properly and to earn income ?online from it are faced with a daunting task in finding and choosing something that:

? IS not a scam,
? Was developed by credible sources,
? Has online training and support,
? Offers site hosting,
? Has many useful tools,
? Is affordable

and ?found all in one place.

I do not believe that Submission Works fulfills any of these criteria when compared to a quality product like Wealthy Affiliate?(read my review). Please read on and find out why I think this way.

Beware a product with a long “squeeze page” making fantastic claims


The Pros:

  • Easy signup
  • Easy to list your target sites and pages
  • Cancel any time
  • Ticketing system to get help

The Cons:

  • No email address to contact prior to signing up
  • No training
  • No tools
  • No user community
  • Unknown credibility of the “founder”
  • Cost
  • No trial
  • No refunds

If you can’t ?reach them by email you may want to take a pass?


The product claims that you will get a great amount of traffic and sales once you list your up to seven web pages, landing pages, sales pages, or squeeze pages. How this actually happens is unclear. The marketing page says that all this is due to a top secret algorithm that the founder of this product came up with.

Reading this guy’s story I am led to believe that he became wealthy on the internet in earlier times. Ok, but what was he selling then? How much was he making? Who is this guy? Surely I would have heard of him if he was someone famous, right? Questions. Questions. Questions. But I see no answers. Sounds suspicious to me.

The story goes on about his riches to rags period when the internet changed and he faced a whole lot of competition that “stole” ?his traffic and thus ended up making nothing anymore. I would think that if he was that bright to begin with he would have found a way back then to protect his turf? Or maybe go after another target market Niche?

It’s suspicious If there are a lot of unanswered questions?

Roll forward to now and his fantastic system that he just wants to share with everyone. It seems he had an idea way back when to improve his online success; but the time was not right to implement it. This is still unclear to me. After spending a load of money to get his program written and tested he decided that the results were too good to keep to himself. He had to share it with you and I.

Strange that he would not have tried to recoup his losses with this fantastic tool. And how is his tool going to bring me traffic and the resulting sales?

For me there are just too many unknowns here with Submission Works and I cannot recommend it all at this time. I think you can see why.


Maybe somebody who has already put in the legwork to do proper keyword research, SEO tuning, and developed quality content could give it a one month try; but it will cost you $59 a month without a trial and no refunds if you are unhappy.?


Very limited.

Access to a problem ticket system.


$59 per month


5 out of 10 Points?



?Tired of Scams??Want a product that works??Sign up?here.


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