The Benefits of Cloud-based Software for Small Businesses

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In recent years, cloud computing has had a great impact on a number of fields. The main benefits of cloud computing are a reduction in costs, accessibility, efficiency, and security. The cloud is a wealthy resource for small businesses. It encourages collaboration in real-time and facilitates connections with clients. 

You can outsource infinite services on the cloud. Top cloud-based software can act in place of an entire department. The more you invest in state-of-the-art technology you will not only run more efficiently but you will also make a better impression on your clients and investors.

Sharing documents

If you need to share a lot of information fast then the best way to do this is with cloud-based apps. This means that without send files you will upload them online so they can be accessed online by clients and staff. Google’s all-in-one G Suite is perfect to get you started. 

It also comes with Google calendar which is compatible with many other top business apps in 2020. Publish your diary and organize your business meetings with clients and employees in real-time. You can access this information at any time from anywhere. 

HR and Payroll

With cloud payroll, all the responsibilities of your HR department are taken care of. It can cover the entire employee experience from rosters to hiring and firing. The software analyzes people-related data maintaining accuracy, consistency, and visibility. 

Having cloud payroll in place gives you the time to focus on growing your business. Cloud-based software is able to adapt to the scaling of your business and will always be accessible from wherever you go. 


Shipstation is a cloud-based app that sends real packages. The fastest and easiest way to deliver to your customers, Shipstation makes buying and selling online simple. It takes care of your orders, returns, and inventory, so you won’t have to. 


Once you have set up digital marketing tools it’s important to collate the results. cloud-based CRM software can help you to record all of your marketing data, digital and otherwise, and will display the information in a variety of clear formats. 

It’s vital to get in touch with your client base and their needs. To delve deeper, Infusionsoft is an example of a marketing tool that can track over 10,000 contacts. It also can take live recordings of your interactions with clients. 

Cloud Backup

Cloud storage providers give you secure access to a safe copy of your data. Your data is stored using encrypted disk-based backup archiving solutions, with 24h security in data centers. This way you are guaranteed increased protection of your data. 

Not only is your data protected but services include solutions, auditing and consulting, in the event of a data breach. You can find companies that provide server colocation hosting and can take care of this for you. 

Cloud-based software saves you time and money and makes your life a lot easier. Why not get technology working for you and focus your time on boosting your business?

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