4 Essential Tips For Hiring The Right Video Production Company For Your Business

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Video production is now a key component of digital marketing; capturing the attention of your audience, telling your brand story, and helping you to sell more of your products or services. Although it is perfectly possible to create your own video content in-house by using your own equipment and resources, to take your video campaign to the next level, you may want to consider hiring a local videography company to assist you with video production and editing. If you’ve never been involved in video production before, then it can be easy to get swept along by the shiny highlight reels of video agencies, so here’s what you need to do to find the right video production company for your business. 

1 – Know what you want to achieve with your video production

How can you find a company to meet your needs if you don’t know what you want to achieve? Start by making sure that you are clear about why you want to make a video. Are you looking to increase your brand awareness? Do you want to educate or explain something to your viewers? Are you trying to train your employees? By knowing what it is you want to achieve out of video production, you can then search for companies that have experience making those kinds of videos and who will understand how to help you achieve your goals. 

2 – Get several quotes and don’t base your decision on cost alone

Video production requires specialists and high-tech equipment, and so it’s no surprise that it can be costly. Although your budget is an important factor to consider, you should never base your decision on the cost of the video agency alone. If a video company is offering you their services at a fraction of the price that other agencies have quoted, then this is usually a red flag. When making inquiries about price, also be sure to ask about extras such as travel expenses, music licensing and what edits are included, as once these are added on, the cost would increase significantly. 

3 – Take a close look at their previous work

You can learn a lot about the style of a videography agency by looking at examples of their previous work. Be sure to watch several of their videos in full, and take note of what each video was trying to achieve. It can also be beneficial to view case studies from previous clients in full as these tend to include more detailed metrics about how the video performed and what it achieved for each client. 

4 – Sit down with them in person and make sure that you gel

Wherever possible, it is always beneficial to sit down with representatives from the videography companies you have shortlisted, to make sure that you get on with them and that you can see yourself working with them in the future. Videography often involves a fair bit of back and forth between your two companies and so it is essential that you can form a good working relationship with the videographer that you choose. 

So there you have it – four tips for hiring the right video production company for your business. Have you ever used a videographer before? Do you have any other tips to add? Let us know in the comments. 

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