Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Increase Conversion Rates

Here are some tips, tricks and strategies to increase conversion rates, and turning those visitors into qualified leads.

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Cut down on the clutter:

You need to simplify the process of converting a visitor into a lead which starts by decluttering your blog’s interface. You don’t want it to feel too busy, or complicate a user’s ability to navigate throughout your website.

So, remove anything that isn’t necessary.  Eliminate distractions so that your visitors are focused on where you choose to lead them (signing up for your newsletter, purchasing a product, sharing a piece of content).

I’ve previously mentioned how it’s important to create landing pages for your blog and this is yet another reason why.  Landing pages keep your audience focused on your digital marketing and will ultimately increase your conversion rates.

Define individual page objectives:

Every page on your blog should have a clear objective. This means that if your intention is to convert leads into subscribers, your “OPT-IN PAGE” should feature nothing but your opt-in box and relevant information such as the benefits of joining your newsletter.

It’s important to set an objective for every page so that your blog is not only easy to navigate but that every single page and area on your website is focused on the task at hand. Doing this will also keep your blog organized and pages clutter-free, minimizing distractions and providing your visitor with a positive experience.

Know your audience better than they think you do:

No one blog is a one-size-fits-all. It’s important to know who your audience is before you even begin to create a blog, much less landing and product pages.

No one has ever managed to create a blog that appeals to all audiences or solves all problems, so don’t waste your time trying. Create a laser targeted blog that speaks to one specific audience, and learn everything you can about them. If you are a roofing company and if you are marketing for roofers then you should create blogs accordingly.

Take advantage of the power of social proof:

Social proof can break down barriers and encourage people into taking action. In simple terms, social proof reinforces trust in your brand, showcases your ability to provide value and demonstrates that other people have faith in your business.

Social proof can include:

  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies
  • Comments
  • Likes (yes! Aren’t you more likely to LIKE a Facebook page that has hundreds of other likes?)
  • Partnerships (logos of other blogs, etc)

Feature social proof throughout your blog pages whenever possible.  If you have yet to generate any form of social proof consider asking an expert to comment on one of your articles, or offer to guest blog on authority websites and then ask permission to feature that blog’s logo or title on your blog as a place you have contributed to.

What have you been doing to improve conversions?

As always I enjoy feedback so please let me know your thoughts by commenting below or sending me an email.


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