Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

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Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing. It allows you to connect with, build relationships, and achieve closeness that is difficult with other marketing methods. Keeping these top 10 marketing mistakes in mind will lead you to more success.

confusing1: Using Sensationalized Subject Lines

The subject line of your email determines whether readers open it or toss it. In trying to create interest, many marketers mistakenly use sensational subject lines. These are also known as click-bait.

Use subject lines that make readers curious about the details in the email. Keeping the subject line short and simple encourages readers to click and read. Deliver the content you hinted at in the subject line to make subscribers happy that they clicked to read.

different platforms2: Disregarding Readability Factors

You are ensuring that readability is not a problem if you keep your format simple and use software that automatically adjusts for the subscriber’s device, browser, and app. Since you may be adding a call to action link, make sure that the link’s destination page is also responsive and can be easily accessed and read.

no reply 3: Using a No-Reply Email Address

Using a “no-reply” email address discourages interaction with your readers. It can also give them the impression that you don’t care what they think or need. When subscribers feel this way, they are more apt to mark the email as spam or unsubscribe from your list.

add value4: Not Adding Value

When you have someone’s email address, you have a greater connection with them than you may realize. They have made your emails a priority. Your subscribers give you the gift of accessibility because they feel that you add value to their lives. They want and need to hear from you.

To make your emails more valuable to your readers, focus on your audience’s needs. Provide niche related solutions, suggestions, sources, services, and more.

people over product5: Too Much Focus on Selling

Emails that focus on making a sale tend to turn subscribers off. These types of emails often focus on a product or service and have multiple “buy” or “learn more” links in them. Instead of emailing about the product or service, email about the niche related problem your audience faces.

boring6: Sending Impersonal Emails

Many things can make an email message seem impersonal. The tone and voice of the message play a large part in how your audience perceives your message. It’s important to talk to your audience in a friendly tone.

Begin your messages with a friendly greeting like, “Hi”. Start your message by saying something personal about yourself that your readers can relate to. This should lead to your reason for emailing. End with a unique “signature closing” and sign your name.

CTA7: Not Including a Clear Call to Action

For each email that you send, you should include one call to action. It doesn’t matter if the call to action is for them to buy something, share something, download something, or sign up for something. Give them a clear call to action. Tell them what you want them to do next, which is click the link, and why they should take your suggestion.

short messages8: Long Email Messages

While long articles are a good idea, long emails aren’t. Each email should cover one main point and contain only 2 or 3 links. If you have a lot to say, send them to a related post or article on your website to share additional information.

Remember that most people skim email messages, initially. It’s important to keep your messages short.

text Links9: Omitting Plain Text URLs

Include a plain text link as well as a regular link with anchor text. Most good autoresponders like Get Response and Aweber allow you to send an HTML and text version at the same time.

errors10: Skipping Email Testing

Writing and sending email seems easy. But, like other content, it needs to be planned, written, and edited. It also needs to be formatted and links added. It should be tested, read, and edited again where needed. Most email clients allow you to test by sending the email to one address.

Make it a priority to fix or avoid these top 10 email marketing mistakes. Keep your audience happy and coming back for more of your helpful information and solutions.

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  1. Nick Grimshawe

    Great article Mike. I like how concise your points are and how clean the page looks as well.

    Until recently I’ve been omitting plain text URLS until someone pointed out their importance in getting emails delivered.


    1. Mike Gaudreau

      Thanks, Nick. I am trying to keep it as uncluttered as possible. Regarding email, I try to use as many best practices as possible. Text almost always makes it to an inbox so long as the spammy wording is avoided.

  2. Justine Cheever

    Mr. Gaudreau your info has been most helpful. I have encountered many of the things you spoke about, so, I know that you are on point. Keep up the good work!

    1. Mike Gaudreau

      Thank you for the comment. I am happy that the article reinforces your own experiences.

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