10 Simple Ways to a High Converting Email

ways to a high converting email
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Everyone wants an email that looks great and converts like crazy. Did you know that there are 10 ways to a high converting email? It’s been proven that email marketing is an effective way to reach out to your customers. In fact, these 10 simple ways to a high converting email will return your investment in your email marketing and is one of the highest in terms of marketing in general.

But do you know what it takes to create a high converting email that invites floods of opens, click-throughs, and conversions? 

Imagine this: You’re creating an email marketing campaign. You sit down, roll up your sleeves, and start working on your email. You write the copy, add images, your URL, and the CTA. You hit Send.

A few days later, you excitedly check the results of the campaign in your analytics to see an increase in traffic to your highlighted products. Problem was, no conversions. What happened?

You probably think you did everything right, but your email might need some changes to drive conversions. If your subject line is off, your copy is out of sync or any other part of your email is not right, your conversions can plummet.

I’m going to break down the basic elements of a high converting email in a series over the coming days for you. You’ll discover how to create convincing subject lines, how to get personal without being too personal (like me LOL), and how your signature and P.S. can convert readers.

First up is the subject line. This is the starting point to the 10 simple ways to a high converting email.

Many people often feel anxious when they try to create a subject line for their emails. Others don’t give it much thought quickly slapping something mundane in the box. But you’re losing out on opens when you do this.

I do mine differently. I personally like to list what all is in it. BUT when I do use strategic email subjects, I get a higher open rate.

Subject lines impact your open rates. The subject line is the most important part of your email since it’s what the subscriber first sees. It can grab their attention, making them want to immediately open and read. Or it can be the reason your emails end up in the trash.

Take your time to create a subject line. It’s by far the most challenging part. It’s difficult to condense all you want to say from your body copy into the short space allowed. Use one of these formulas if you need help crafting your subject line.

Here are the 10 simple ways to a high converting email.

1. Ask a question.

This formula is probably the easiest. And these get people to think about how the topic relates to them. Questions make them feel like you care about them. Which makes them more emotionally attached to your brand. Example: Apple asks, “Got plans for tonight?”

2. Use the “how-to” formula to teach people how to do something.

People want to know how to solve their problems. They are already searching the internet for the answers. You cut down their search time by offering the solutions in your email as how-to content. You’re also positioning yourself as the expert on the topic, increasing your credibility. Example: “How to increase your opt-ins overnight.”

3. Use scarcity to create a sense of urgency.

This type of formula encourages readers to act quickly so they don’t miss out. The key is that the scarcity and /or the urgency must be real. Don’t mislead your reader by falsely claiming you only have so many slots left or hours remaining if you have more open spaces. Example: “Act quickly while supplies last— the 50% discount ends tonight.”

4. Make an announcement of something in your subject line.

If you have something new to offer your audience, send an email with an exciting announcement. This type of subject line displays a sense of timeliness encouraging recipients to act immediately to be included in the latest. However, don’t use the word “newsletter” in your announcement. Example: Birthday VIP offers are live!”

5. Surprise your readers.

Give them something unexpected. Surprise them with a free gift or free content. Use the word “free sparingly and honestly. Giving something away makes your audience feel a sense of reciprocity for the gift and likely to want to return the favor, possibly by purchasing one of your paid services. Example: “My gift especially for you.”

6. Personalize your subject line message.

Make it seem like you’re writing a personal email specifically to each individual. Include their first name in the subject line. Include words like “your” if it works better than their name. Example: “Your visit to Bali.”

7. Create curiosity with your subject line.

Curiosity makes them naturally want to interact with otherwise static content. It provokes your audience to engage with your brand. Example: “Did this ever happen to you?”

8. Include a number or a statistic in your subject line.

Sharing facts backed by numbers increases your credibility and build trust with your audience as a reliable resource. Example: Money saved: Trim users found $100 savings on similar utilities.”

9. Use Listicles or numbered lists.

Using numbered lists is one of the easy ways to a high converting email for readers to digest your content. Use a quantified number for more open rates. Instead of “Reasons your social media isn’t getting seen” try, “23 Reasons your social media isn’t getting seen in 2020.”

10. Try to keep it short and to the point.

With our attention spans shorter than ever, using brevity captures attention. Use three to five words to create a succinct subject line. It’s quickly scannable by your readers. And don’t yell. Capitalize the first word or letter of words only. Example: “We miss you.”

Use these formulas to create subject lines that will increase your open rates. Don’t go overboard and try to use them all. Find the ones that work with your readers and always be testing. Hopefully, these 10 simple ways to a high converting email have been of help to you.

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