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Wealthy Affiliate Evaluation ChartPRODUCT: Wealthy Affiliate
My Ranking: 1st
Price: Nothing ($0) for a starter account
Product Providers: Kyle and Carson
Website: Wealthy Affiliate



Look for a comprehensive set of features in this kind of program



Wealthy Affiliate ScreenINTRODUCTION
There are hundreds maybe thousands of internet marketing, SEO marketing, making money on the internet, content writing courses and “how to” documents available. Baby boomers who want to learn to how to build a website properly and to earn income from it are faced with a daunting task in finding choosing something that:

? IS not a scam,
? Was developed by credible sources,
? Has online training and support,
? Offers site hosting,
? Has many useful tools,
? Is affordable

and ?found all in one place. I believe Wealthy Affiliate is one of the only; if not the only product that satisfies the list of characteristics above.

Wealthy Affiliate program is the most comprehensive program of its kind

Wealthy Affiliate Evaluation Chart

Please read on to find out why I think this way.


The Pros:
? All levels of training from beginner to expert
? “How to” videos
? Tutorials
? Online interactive classes
? A community of tens of thousands
? Live help
? Two free websites
? Reliable and secure website hosting
? Industry experts available to help

The Cons:
? A seemingly overwhelming amount of material

Look for a product that does not make fantastic claims


Wealthy Affiliate is an online community of thousands dedicated to learning how and putting into practice techniques that will eventually lead them to becoming an expert in a niche and to earn some revenue as a result.

Your step by step training is supported by this community which has many expert members. This enables you to become more proficient more quickly as you have access to answers to your questions at your fingertips. Question and answer is handled by live chat and online discussions.

Each training module exposes a new technique and is supported by examples from experts who have put them into practice. You can also show content that you completed for comment and feedback from the community; including the program founders.

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who wants to learn the proper way to systematically build a niche authoritative website that ranks highly on the internet that will eventually be able to generate revenue through affiliate marketing.?Anyone, regardless of level of expertise, can benefit from this product.

Wealthy Affiliate TrainingTRAINING and TOOLS OVERVIEW
The comprehensive training available comprises:
? Live Training
? Question and Answer Sessions
? Topic Based Classes
? Interactive Feedback
? Videos and tutorials
? Assignments

Many tools include the following:

Support and Discussion Groups

  • ?Keyword ?Research Tool
  • ?WordPress Express website builder
  • ?Low Competition Laser Targeted Keyword Lists
  • ?Modern Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium accounts)
  • ?Access to thousands website templates and add ons
  • ?Content Writing tool

Simply put nothing in the market has as much included; bar none.

Look for complete and updated training



Once you join I will support and guide you personally as you begin your journey to online success. Along with the surrounding Wealthy Affiliate community you are assured of success.


Starter Account: Nothing ($0)

You are going to get ?instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community which includes access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, ?and access to and use of a keyword research tool.

Premium Account: $47 per month

With Premium you get unlimited website hosting; extensive training building upon the foundation of the Starter account, unlimited access to peers and experts, additional topic specific training, discussion groups, tutorials, classrooms, and 1-on-1 expert help.

There is no other program that offers so much under one roof for a very attractive price.

9.8 points out of 10


See these testimonials: Member Testimonials


My final words and a BONUS!

Join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter. It costs nothing and they don’t ask for a credit card number. ?If you don’t like like Wealthy Affiliate then I invite you to come back here and record your opinion about my advice. It’s OK with me. ?As I mention it is free. When you ?join, I will ?get in touch with you within your first hour. ?I want you to promise however when you do join, you will setup your account. ?It is very simple and you will be shown how.

You can start trying Wealthy Affiliate for free

How You Can Claim The Bonus?

When you?join your FREE Starter Account, I will offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days; ?which includes a 59% discount for the first month. ?When you create your Wealthy Affiliate?account ?I will be contacting you on your profile with my ?welcome? and some more information about, how to get help from me privately, and how to claim your bonus. ?Believe me, this is going to be some FANTASTIC stuff (hint: it includes my FULL 38 years of experience in IT and telecommunications for the techie stuff you will need to learn!) So I look forward to you joining Wealthy Affiliate and connecting with you in its huge community.

Just to prove I was actually in Paris

If you want to leave your own review on Wealthy Affiliate or you have any questions, please leave them below or contact me through my?Wealthy Affiliate profile?.?I would like to hear from you.

Mike founder of?The Wealthy Boomers

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