Why Sticking With a Couple of Affiliates Will Make You More Money

mike gaudreau the wealthy boomerYou’ve decided to make affiliate marketing part of your business – good for you! However, one of the most common mistakes new affiliate marketers make, and even seasoned affiliate marketers, is to become distracted by the many affiliate opportunities that abound instead of staying focused on their initial choices for affiliates.

It happens all the time. An affiliate marketer is busy creating campaigns for the product or products he or she has chosen to market, then all of a sudden along comes a new, exciting, and interesting new product in their e-mail, or talked about on a form, or stumbled across by accident. Suddenly, you are off chasing some new exciting idea to make more money online through your affiliate marketing.

This is not nearly as profitable as you might think. There are constantly going to be new ideas and new opportunities that come across your desk. The ease opportunities will distract you from your current affiliate marketing campaigns. Remember a complete and profitable marketing campaign is worth former revenue to you in a campaign that’s only 50% finished, or a brand-new campaign that isn’t even launched yet.

You also need to keep in mind that if you are constantly changing products are adding new products that are not relevant or related to previous products your readers may begin to question just how reliable and trustworthy information you are providing them is. This especially true, if you are flip-flopping all over the markets when it comes to products you are representing and trying to sell. It is much better to build your brand around offering consistent products that are related to each other than it is to try to market every new product that comes along. Your goal is to establish a long term income stream and that requires stability, trust, growth, and longevity. You need to choose affiliates that you believe you can market now and far into the future.

Affiliate marketers need to be self motivated and focused. For many of us these are skills we learn. Once you know where you are making mistakes that are causing you reduce sales and lower profits, you will be able to make the changes needed to grow your business and become more profitable over time. Don’t make this common beginner mistake of trying to take on too many affiliates that have interesting products to offer. Instead, decide which your brand looks like and what products you want to incorporate into your website or blog.

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  1. Greg & Renee

    Hi Mike Renee and I were wondering if you are still promoting TW and how are you doing with
    Team Links Across the Web to date? Was it a good move from Team Atlantis?

    We tried to send a personal email to the other listed but for some reason it didn’t go through

    Thank-You and God Bless
    Look foreard to your reply
    Greg & Renee

    1. Mike Gaudreau

      I just started with LATW team. So it is a too early to say. As for Team Atlantis almost 1.5 years waiting to get into rotator even though hit requirements fully met. Something does not add up here.

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