About Me

mike gaudreauHi there! My name is Mike Gaudreau and I am a retired baby boomer. I am married and I live in Montreal Canada. We are empty nesters and very active travelers. We also like to stay in good health by eating right and remaining physically active. In short, we fit the typical boomer profile.

Like many of us, I consider myself quite tech-savvy so I decided to start a website in the autumn of 2012 shortly after my retirement. Not only was I going to start a website but I wanted to earn money to supplement my retirement income and also have some fun doing it as well.

So I searched around a bit and fell for a sales pitch about a “web business in a box”. Intrigued I ordered their sales material which arrived by courier a few days later. I read the material and noticed that I would be assigned a “coach” to help me build this online business selling herbal products. After digging some more into the offer I discovered that this “web business in a box” was part of a huge multi-level marketing campaign where I would have been at the bottom of the pyramid; probably earning little while my “coach” higher up in the pyramid was going to make most of the money and get rich off my work. It did not seem to be fair to me so I abandoned that idea.

So I then created a blog where I basically curated other content I got from news feeds and other sources. I put ads on there from Google and joined a bunch of affiliate programs where I would run their ads in hopes of collecting a commission from sales made by people buying through my site. That just brought me a whole lot of work just rotating ads all the time. To be honest all my work amounted to <$50 in revenue after 8 months. Not really worth my time.

So then I got busy looking at dropshipping products from suppliers. I bought a web site and access to a catalog of products I would promote on my site and also on eBay. I realized after I had the site up that I had wasted several hundred dollars on junk. The products sucked. And nobody wanted them. Another dead end. Wasted money.

I then tried to embed Amazon’s affiliate store on my main web site in the hopes of getting some commissions from sales. Again nothing. So I then set up an online store using my Amazon affiliate account but under my own web entity. A nice looking web site that cost me several hundred dollars. But again no traffic and no money.

So I became pretty discouraged thinking I would never earn much money online. I must be doing something wrong I thought. Why are other people like me able to make money online and I can’t. I know I am not Amazon nor would I ever be. But I knew I could earn some money selling something people need.

So I searched around and began to notice the things that do work.

      • List building
      • Quality content creation
      • Engagement with my followers
      • Sharing what works and pointing out what does not work
      • Sharing the tools and training that work
      • Quality traffic sources

I hope you join me as we learn together to make money online the proper way.

Again, I am Mike. Wonderful to meet you and if you feel free to contact me if you ever need anything.

Mike Gaudreau, founder of The Wealthy Boomers