Recommended Page Builders

Start with the free version

If you are looking for a good general page builder that you can get up and running quickly and at a nice price point  (FREE) then I recommend using Elementor for WordPress. They also offer a fuller feature option starting at $49.

One time fee with page hosting

If hosting your site does not turn you on then you can look at a product such as Landing Page Monkey. This is a well established product where you can design very nice pages from scratch or through templates. The pages are hosted for you at Landing Page Monkey. The one time cost for a license is sixty nine dollars.

One page hosted for free

If you want something for even lower cost; free; you can try another well established tool called Adkreator. They allow you to design and host 1 free page. The tool is not as extensive as either Elementor or Landing Page Monkey, but you can easily design something decent and it’s free for one page. They do offer a paid service as well starting at about $10 monthly.