Best Practices



As a member in good standing of the community, I have adopted a high standard of Internet Marketing business practices with the customer’s best interests in mind.

To this regard, I hereby agree to practice and uphold the following principles in my own marketing efforts and encourage my peers and colleagues to do the same.

I Will NOT: create, promote or endorse websites or products that state, claim or otherwise use any of the following tactics:

Hidden methods or blind offers where the product itself is only revealed after purchase.
False claims and outright lies. There are no push button riches and prospects should not be misled.
Doctored or fabricated proof of income and/or testimonials. This includes screenshots of results not achieved directly through the product and method in question.
False scarcity, Only 500 units will be sold, when in fact thousands will be sold.
Refund rates over 20%.
Poor, absent or latent customer service. Tickets should be addressed or resolved within 24-48 hrs especially during times of heavy traffic.
Incomplete products. Products should be ready and available for testing weeks if not months before launch.
Ignoring refund requests or not honouring them in a timely fashion. This includes the downgrading of refund request at technical support.
De-edification of prospects, foul language or images inappropriate for a PG13 audience. This includes advertising messages that are bias, prejudice or slanderous in nature. i.e. “All of the guru’s have been lying to you and I am the only one who is honest!”
More than one exit pop.
Upsells that may cause regret of initial purchase. i.e. “Your product won’t work without this.”
Faulty or otherwise unreliable site technology. Video streaming, loading time, cookie setting, navigation etc. The site must function properly and be free of any components that may harm the visitor’s computer.
Unsecured payment methods that do not employ 128-bit encryption technology.
Non-FTC compliant. i.e. Income claims, testimonials, privacy policies, terms of use etc.

Above and beyond these practices, let it be known that I will not promote or endorse a product without having first reviewed it. I will not endorse or promote products solely for the sake of winning a prize but rather for the benefit of my subscribers.

I will always put the
customer before the affiliate. The main purpose of the product should be to help or serve the need of the customer NOT to only make money for affiliates. Profits are a bi-product value.

I stand behind those partners and products that I endorse and myself or my staff can be reached through the contact details I have provided at

Mike Gaudreau