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19 Aldi Products That Might Not Be Worth Your Money

Aldi, the discount supermarket from Europe that’s quickly making waves across the United States, is causing quite a stir. As it rises to become the third-largest grocery chain by store count, customers are swarming its aisles for bargains. Yet, it’s essential to note that not every product at Aldi is a steal. In this article, we’ll explore the extensive range of goods available at Aldi, pinpointing 19 items that may not offer the best value for your money.


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Unfortunately, Aldi’s bacon fails to impress many customers primarily due to its poor quality. Surprisingly, Aldi’s bacon is priced higher than a comparable product at Trader Joe’s. If you’re lucky enough to find a discount on name-brand bacon at your neighborhood supermarket, it’s preferable to opt for that option instead.


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Although Aldi offers great prices on many products, when it comes to toiletries, it’s better to stock up at your local Walmart or Target or take advantage of special offers at your local supermarket. Plus, Aldi’s toiletry items are packaged in smaller sizes, resulting in a higher cost per ounce compared to regular stores.

Zipper Bags

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With reports of an overpowering plastic smell from one Aldi customer and complaints of leaks from others, it’s smart to skip Aldi’s zipper bags and opt for well-known name-brand options instead. Explore your local supermarket for any special promotions, and remember to utilize coupons to secure the best deal on quality zipper bags.

Olive Oil

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Unexpectedly, Aldi’s olive oil doesn’t offer as much value as one might think when compared to Walmart’s offering. Aldi’s olive oil is priced at $0.24 per ounce, whereas Walmart’s comes in at a more economical $0.17 per ounce. According to the Olive Oil Times, the United States was projected to consume 381,000 tons of olive oil during the 2022/23 crop year, spanning from October to September. Spain and Italy are the only countries that surpass the U.S. in olive oil consumption.

Dish Soap

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If you’re looking to get your dishes sparkly clean for a bargain price, you’re better off heading to Walmart. It’s advisable to pass on Aldi’s in-house dish soap, as it doesn’t offer as great a value when compared ounce for ounce to certain name-brand alternatives. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, Aldi’s dish soap is actually pricier than purchasing Dawn’s dish soap at Walmart.


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A common issue customers encounter with Aldi’s clothing selections is the overly secure packaging, making it difficult to determine if the size will suit them. Many items are tightly folded and packaged in cardboard, making it challenging to gauge their true size. Additionally, some Aldi shoppers have voiced complaints about the poor quality of the clothing, particularly after a few washes. Items tend to shrink, develop pills, or have seams that unravel.


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While Aldi’s meat selection might appear enticing in terms of pricing, its quality falls short. It’s advisable to opt to purchase steaks and chicken breast from your nearby supermarket or butcher rather than your local Aldi. Especially if meat is your thing. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American consumes approximately 224.6 pounds of meat yearly, including beef, pork, broilers, and turkey. Meat consumption in the United States soared to unprecedented levels in 2021; although there was a minor decline in the subsequent year, 2022 still mirrored the second-highest consumption year on record.

Graham Crackers

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If you’re craving a delightful batch of s’mores and considering Aldi’s own-brand graham crackers, think twice. Many customers have expressed disappointment with Aldi’s version, citing a lackluster taste and texture. It’s wise to opt for name-brand crackers instead to ensure a more satisfying s’mores experience.


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Drinking coffee is almost an American pastime – and with Aldi’s budget-friendly prices, it’s tempting to toss their own-brand coffee into your cart. However, if you prefer waking up feeling refreshed and energetic, it’s best to look elsewhere for your coffee fix. Although Aldi’s coffee might appear like a steal, its quality doesn’t quite measure up to other name-brand options.

Frozen Sushi

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In all honesty, buying frozen Sushi isn’t the wisest choice, as it simply can’t rival the freshness of the real deal. Unfortunately, Aldi’s frozen Sushi fails to meet customer satisfaction levels. However, if you really want good Sushi, it’s always recommended you dine at your local Sushi restaurant.


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While Aldi’s own Clancy’s brand chips may seem like a budget-friendly option, will they truly satisfy those salty cravings when you indulge? While some Aldi shoppers may advocate for tossing Clancy’s chips into your cart, the prevailing opinion suggests you should only resort to them when absolutely necessary. Many shoppers find the taste and texture of name-brand chips more appealing. If you’re a bit of a potato chip aficionado, it’s worth seeking out coupons and specials at your local supermarket and stocking up there instead.


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While Aldi’s butter might seem like a steal, many customers find the taste to be underwhelming, even with their Irish Butter option. Given that butter enhances the flavor of so many dishes, it’s advisable to bypass Aldi’s selection and opt for your trusted supermarket brand, even if it means spending a bit more. Consumer Reports that Finlandia Unsalted is one of the best butter’s around, while Isigny Ste Mère Unsalted is a close second.


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Similar to Aldi’s potato chips, their name-brand soda may leave something to be desired. While they may come with a lower price tag, the flavor and carbonation may not meet expectations. Additionally, when Aldi offers name-brand options, it’s essential to be cautious, as they may not always be cheaper than what you can find at your local supermarket.


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Yogurt preferences vary greatly, and regrettably, numerous customers find Aldi’s yogurt selections somewhat underwhelming. Many Aldi patrons have voiced concerns about the taste and texture of Aldi’s yogurt, including their kids’ options, which some find excessively sweet. Yogurt enthusiasts are advised to stick to their favorite name-brand varieties and keep an eye out for coupons or special promotions instead.

Paper Products

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When it comes to paper products, Aldi’s offerings don’t always stack up as fantastic deals compared to standard name-brand options, especially when you take advantage of supermarket promotions and coupons. While Aldi’s toilet paper suffices for emergency purchases, you might find better bargains elsewhere. Familiarizing yourself with prices in various stores can help you make more informed purchasing decisions.

Fresh Produce

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The quest for fresh produce at Aldi can sometimes be a bit unpredictable. While their artisan lettuce, spinach, and plum tomatoes are as good as the regular grocery stores, many Aldi customers have encountered disappointment with the quality of certain fruits and veggies compared to what we find at local supermarkets. If you’re picking up fresh produce at Aldi, it’s essential to give them a thorough inspection, as there might be some rotten fruit lurking beneath the surface.


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Though the packaging may bear a striking resemblance to your beloved name-brand cereals, Aldi’s imitation versions sadly fall short in terms of flavor. Aldi customers advise steering clear of the cereal aisle and opting for the authentic name-brand options available at your nearby grocery store.

Cat Litter

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When it comes to cat litter, quality matters because it plays a crucial role in making your furry friend’s bathroom odors. Regrettably, Aldi’s cat litter fails to live up to expectations. Despite attempts to improve it, Aldi customers continue to lament its dusty nature and inadequate clumping, resulting in a messy litter box.

Small Appliances

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While Aldi’s small appliances might initially appear like a no-brainer, it’s important to exercise caution as they often don’t receive high ratings from Aldi customers. Numerous complaints regarding breakages and malfunctions shortly after purchase have been reported. It’s advisable to bypass the appliance section at Aldi and invest in a better-quality product, even if it requires spending a bit more upfront. In the long run, it’s a more sensible economic decision.

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