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19 Things Women Over 50 Wish Men Knew

While there are many things men and women have in common, there are specific differences between the two sexes that men and women need to understand. As people navigate their way through the later decades of life, their perspectives and priorities may shift, often confusing the opposite sex. We explore 19 things that women wish men understand once they enter their 50s:

The Importance of Emotional Intimacy

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As people mature, the desire for deeper, more meaningful connections often increases. Individuals, regardless of gender, may increasingly value emotional intimacy, shared experiences, and authentic communication. Women over 50 are looking for a partner with whom they can build trust through active listening, emotional availability, and open communication. 

They Want to Be Equal

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Women in their 50s have lived through decades of change in which women have begun to see more equality between the sexes. Many women will have experienced gender inequality throughout their lives, which shaped their desire for an equal partnership in their later years.

They Want to Have Fun

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From the trauma of losing friends and family members to struggling to pay bills, women in their 50s have experienced the struggles that everyday life brings. This means that women want to enjoy life and have fun in their later years as they make the most of the good things ahead. 

How to Hold Good Conversation

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Whether a woman over 50 is in a long-term relationship or is starting a new adventure, she wants to have a relationship full of communication. It is essential to keep communication open and complete so that there is no chance of boredom and complacency in a relationship.

How To Provide Security

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Gone are the days of being messed around and let down. Women still want to have fun but have little time for games being played. Many women in their 50s want to enjoy life, have fun with their partner, and enjoy the security that all that brings without worrying about how reliable men will be. 

An Understanding of How Their Body Changes

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Many women over 50 embrace the body changes, including weight gain, skin changes, and loss of libido. However, research shows that a significant number of women are acutely aware of the changes their body goes through, particularly after menopause. Men need to show an understanding of women’s physical changes and how they may affect them emotionally. 

How to be Authentic

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When you are authentic, you are being your true self, flaws and all. This allows for a deeper level of connection and intimacy, something over 50s long, as they are tired of people pretending to be one person and acting like another. 

They Are There Own Person

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Women over 50 have value and wish to be recognized for their achievements. Whether a woman has spent her life looking after her family or rising the corporate ladder, they all have their value that should be respected. 

Their Age Does Not Define Them

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Associating specific characteristics or limitations with certain age groups is inaccurate and harmful, particularly when it comes to women over 50. Harmful stereotypes can lead to discrimination, missed opportunities, and an underestimation of how much older women can achieve. 

The Value Genuine Companionship

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Finding common ground and enjoying activities together can genuinely strengthen a relationship between two people, whether friendship or romantic. Studies have shown that having a companion can lead to a lower risk of depression, anxiety, and even cognitive decline.

They Want to Feel Loved

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Some women feel they are often taken for granted and need to look after a man or a home. Women entering new relationships in life or trying to strengthen an existing one wish to feel truly loved and appreciated. 

That Time is Precious

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Women in their 50s understand the value of time and want to save a minute feeling unhappy and unfilled. Spending quality time with their partner and doing activities they enjoy is invaluable to women who have seen their previous years fly by. 

They Are More Confident Than Ever

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As women grow older, their priorities and values often evolve. Some women prioritize personal growth and independence, which boosts their confidence and makes them excited for the next part of their journey. 

They Do Not Need to Be Rescued

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If a woman is in her 50s and is single, there is a stereotype that she has been “left behind” and that people should feel sorry for her. Women of this Age want men to know that they do not need rescuing and are not desperate for a relationship but want a partner on their terms.  

That They are Happy

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Research has found that many women aged 50-65 are happier at that Age than in their 20s. This message is something that women want men to understand, as there is often a perception that women do not like aging. 

They Are Desirable

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Women over 50 want men to know that while they may not be as young and supple as they were when they were younger, they still want an intimate relationship and are desirable in many ways. Many women who are experiencing menopause work hard to maintain their libido, with some seeing an improvement from their younger years, 

Their Lives are Not Dramatic

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Many men have the perception that the change in women’s hormones through menopause makes them unstable and prone to mood swings. While this may be the case for short periods, women over 50 should never be given the “crazy cat lady” label.

Their Physical Needs May Change

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Decreased metabolism, changes in body composition, and menopausal symptoms may change the needs of women in their 50s. Women want men to be aware of these changes and offer support. 

Past Relationships Have Shaped Them

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Like men, women over 50 have usually had experience of being in relationships that have not been the best. An understanding of a woman’s past can help men be aware of any fears or concerns that she may have as she enters a new relationship, and it can also give insight into what she values most in a relationship. 

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