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21 Acts Often Misjudged as Sins in the Bible, but Aren’t

Today, we’re going to look at the good book to find some acts that some people seem to have misunderstood. If you’ve been sweating bullets over enjoying shrimp cocktails or working up a sweat on Sundays, don’t worry! Here are 21 actions that you might think are a sin but are actually completely fine.

Eating Shellfish

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Despite what some people think, your love for lobster and shrimp cocktails isn’t sending you on a one-way trip downstairs. Sure, the dietary laws in Leviticus are a little strict. However, you’ve got to remember that Jesus declared all foods clean in the New Testament. So, go ahead and order that seafood platter guilt-free!

Wearing Mixed Fabrics

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Don’t panic over your wardrobe choices. That cotton-polyester blend shirt is not going to stop you from getting into Heaven. Back in the day, this rule was about setting folks apart, not dictating fashion dos and don’ts. Today, feel free to mix and match to your heart’s content. It’s time to embrace the blend! 

Working on Sundays

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If you’re worried about working on the day traditionally meant for rest and choir hymns, then just remember this – Heaven’s gates aren’t exactly equipped with a clock. If your Sunday grind includes spreading smiles or saving the world with coffee, rest assured you’re not getting any divine demerits. Heaven’s HR department is way more understanding about the need to hustle.

Drinking Alcohol

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There’s a fine line between being the life of the party and waking up with a lampshade on your head. But remember – Noah had his vineyard moments, too. A toast here and a cheers there doesn’t necessarily mean you’re banned from Heaven. Studies have even shown that more religious groups tend to drink more alcohol! It’s when you start reenacting scenes from “The Hangover” that you might want to stop.


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Are you worried your electric slide might short-circuit your spiritual standing? Unless you’re boogying down in a way that would make a nun blush, your dance moves are probably not on the divine radar. Christianity usually supports joyous jives and soulful swings. Just keep it classy when the beat drops, and you’ll stay on the angelic playlist.

Playing Cards

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Forget what you’ve been told – holding a deck of cards isn’t an absolute sin. There’s no scripture saying the road to perdition is paved with poker chips. Whether it’s Go Fish with the kids or a spirited round of Texas Hold ’em, as long as you’re not betting on the family jewels, you’re likely in the clear. However, bluffing might not work as well at the pearly gates.

Eating Pork

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If you’re still feeling guilty about that breakfast bacon, don’t worry about it. Modern kitchens are not exactly the taboo zones of the Old Testament. As long as you’re eating pork because of the flavor rather than trying to break ancient dietary laws, you should probably be fine. But perhaps don’t make every meal a swine and dine affair.

Women Speaking in Church

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Sadly, there are people out there who think that women voicing their opinions in church is a guarantee for damnation. The heavenly host is more interested in what you’re saying than in making people be silent based on their gender. Uplifting words, useful contributions, and soul-stirring stories are always in season. 

Drinking Coffee

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There’s a steaming misconception that your morning cup of joe could land you in hot water, spiritually speaking. But don’t worry, coffee fans! The Bible doesn’t actually say anything about caffeine being a sin. So drink up and stay perky – the Almighty probably appreciates that you’re feeling alert!

Celebrating Birthdays

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Somewhere along the line, someone started the rumor that blowing out birthday candles could extinguish your chances of eternal bliss. But let’s get rid of this cake of confusion. Celebrating another trip around the sun isn’t a sin. Cherishing life and the gift of aging is something to be thankful for, just so long as you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Laughing Loudly

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Believe it or not, some religions see loud laughter as a slip-up on the stairway to heaven. Let’s set the record straight! Chuckling, giggling, or even snorting with laughter is not only okay – it’s encouraged! When Church leaders condemn loud laughter, they’re actually talking about inappropriate or rude laughter that’s mocking someone instead. 

Reading Fiction

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Some people are confused about whether getting lost in a good book is sinful if it’s not the Good Book. Thankfully, fictional stories, from fantasies to mysteries, are not forbidden fruit. They stretch the imagination, build empathy, and can even strengthen your faith in humanity. In fact, the Bible encourages people to read fiction, so long as the underlying message is Christian.

Playing Video Games

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While moderation is key, video gaming isn’t inherently sinful. In fact, one Pew Research Center study found around 97% of teens play video games regularly. It’s about the content and how it impacts you. Choose games that don’t compromise your values, and remember to take breaks for real-world connections. Don’t let it become an idol, and you should be fine. 

Going to the Theater

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People used to think of the theater as a playground of the damned. However, attending plays or the theater isn’t off-limits. Dramas, comedies, and musicals can help you to understand the human condition better. Just be mindful of what you watch. As long as they’re performances that uplift the spirit, you should still be in the running for a standing ovation from above.


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Some folks twist themselves into knots because they think yoga could bend their spiritual journey out of shape. However, yoga, at its core, is about balance, health, and inner peace. If you’re doing it just to stay in shape, then it should be alright. But Christians should probably avoid the Eastern religious teachings that go along with some forms of it. 

Wearing Makeup

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It’s okay to improve your features with a little makeup – what really matters is the reason behind why you’re doing it. Wearing it for self-expression or to feel confident doesn’t smear your spiritual standing. If you’re treating it like an idol, then it’s a problem. Just like with fashion, make-up should reflect who you are without letting vanity take over the mirror.

Dyeing Your Hair

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Changing your hair color isn’t going to guarantee you a one-way ticket to damnation. Your hair, your rules! It’s a form of self-expression and creativity, just so long as you’re not using your hair color to lead a double life of sin. If you’re using it as a sign of rebellion, then you’re straying too far from the path of righteousness.

Listening to Secular Music

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Before you mute your playlist in fear of divine retribution, listen to this – listening to your favorite tunes isn’t going to deafen your spiritual ears. Music is a form of expression and connection. It’s the message and how it affects your actions and thoughts that matter. So, if your soulful vibes are more “Lean on Me” and less “Highway to Hell,” you’re probably doing okay.

Using Social Media

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Scrolling through Instagram or tweeting doesn’t mean you’re scrolling away from salvation. The digital age is upon us, and it’s all about how you use these tools. Just watch out for the envy, pride, and wrath that can come from comparing your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel. Studies also show that overusing social media can seriously affect your mental health.

Practicing Martial Arts

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Violence is always bad, but martial arts are much more about discipline, self-control, and respect. As long as you’re practicing with the intent of improving your physical and mental well-being, your spiritual belt should be untarnished. Remember, it’s the reason behind the action that counts, so keep it honorable.

Using Left Hand for Eating or Greeting

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Some people believe that using your left hand is a fast track to the sin bin. However, this isn’t a matter of morality but of cultural etiquette. In biblical times, the left hand was traditionally used for, let’s say, less savory tasks, which is why the right hand became the go-to for social interactions. The gatekeepers to heaven are ambidextrous!

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