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4 Ways To Ensure Safety In Your Construction Business

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To ensure safety in your construction business it goes beyond ticking boxes. You want to lead by example by embedding workplace safety into your business’s DNA. According to research, 924 workplace deaths occur in the construction industry, making it essential to be cautious when running a construction business. Safety starts from the top, but it’s a team effort. So, here’s how to build a safety culture in your construction company.

1 – Put safety as a top priority

You have probably heard so much talk about safety and treated it as one of your business priorities. However, that’s where you are wrong. Safety is the main priority! Your hardworking crew deserves nothing less. Showing your team that safety comes first encourages them to be more conscious and improves their output. It also helps them feel comfortable onsite, so feel free to consider this. You should also note that accidents can significantly dent your project budget and timelines. Therefore, you must keep your people safe, avoid those costly hiccups, and cut down lost workdays. Also, fewer accidents mean lower insurance bills. Putting safety first is no doubt a win-win. 

2 – Train your team

 According to the Canadian Centre of Occupational Health and Safety, proper training reduces workplace injuries significantly. That’s some solid proof that investing in training is the way to go. Continuous training is your ticket to success. It tells your crew you’re in it for the long haul regarding their safety and well-being. So keep the safety training coming, and it will be on their mind, making it easier for them to apply what they’ve learnt.

3 – Secure your gear 

While running your construction business, ensure your equipment is locked down tight. Every piece of gear comes with its rulebook, making it essential to follow those instructions. Whether it’s heavy equipment or tools, those manuals are gold. They’ll tell you how to use your gear, keep them safe, and when to power them up or shut them down. Don’t forget where you store them to avoid blocking the path during construction. Meanwhile, tools like crane mats can help you keep your heavy equipment steady and safe, protecting everybody, including your equipment and crew, so consider investing in them. 

4 – Get PPE for your crew

Proper personal protective gear (PPE) can reduce workplace injuries. Therefore, employers must ensure their staff wear the right gear, with no exceptions. That’s something worth remembering, especially when you don’t want confrontations with the law. So, what should you kit out your team with? Think cut-resistant gloves, masks, helmets, goggles, slip-resistant boots, and high-visibility gear. These are lifesavers, helping you achieve the goal of ensuring your crew is properly-suited and safe. 

Construction work can be tough, no doubt about it. It’s one of the riskiest gigs, and you’ve probably seen your fair share of accidents. That’s why it’s up to you to use these safety tips and more, tailored to your specific projects, to keep your workers safe and ensure everyone is protected. Safety comes first, always.

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