5 Types of Blogs You Should Create to Make a Profit

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There are numerous different types of blogs out there. Which types of blogs should you create? Not all will make you money and even those that you suppose will produce an income, might not if you commit a few fundamental errors.

This piece will shed light on a few types of blogs and what you can do with them. Instead of categorizing the blogs into particular categories, it’s essential that you see them based on their money-making possibilities rather than the intent for which they’re created.

1 – Personal types of blogs

These types of blogs have very low income-generating capability. Usually, they’re nothing more than online thoughts where you write about your opinions and feelings on what’s going on in your life, and so on.

You may have an audience that’s consists of your friends, family, and the random inquisitive observer. Monetizing such a blog will be tricky unless you focus on one subject and make most of your forthcoming content about it.

For instance, a lady who has a personal blog may choose to write about fashion tips and so on and begin endorsing cosmetics, skincare products, and so forth. It’s conceivable but tough to make money with these types of blogs.

2 – Niche-specific blogs

These are the most popular types of blogs that are designed to aim at a specific audience. If you want to do affiliate marketing or sell your own products, you’ll want to build these niche types of blogs.

It’s critical to get an umbrella domain for the marketplace while you niche down. What does that imply?

Let’s suppose you want to build a blog on ‘homemade dog food’, buying a domain that’s too tightly related to the niche such as DogFoodZone.com will smother your growth. What if you hope to blog about dog instruction in the future?

As an alternative, you might buy a domain such as HealthyPaws101.com (this domain is most likely taken, but you get the concept).

By owning a domain that is like an umbrella for the niche, you’ll be able to blog about other subjects in the niche. After you’ve penned about 200 articles on homemade dog food and you’re ranking well, what then?

Well, with the HealthyPaws101 domain, you can begin blogging about puppy training. It will be a new category on your blog. As time goes by and you begin going deep into each distinct and connected category, you’ll have an authority site.

This is how authority sites are built. They’re just niche sites that grow up large.

3 – Journey-type sites

These sites are similar to personal blogs, but they have an objective here. Let’s pretend you’re flabby and choose to go on a weight-loss trek. So, you start off a blog to journal your headway and let people know what you’re accomplishing.

When you have improvement, you can reveal what tools and techniques you’re applying. If you’re following a system such as Noom, and losing weight, you can share your affiliate link to the Noom website and get commissions when others sign up.

You may also give links to products on Amazon. Maybe you’re using resistance bands, push up bars, yoga blocks, and so on. No matter what you’re personally utilizing, you can publicize too because it performs for you.

Here lies the core of this type of blog. You OUGHT TO be making headway and realizing improvements for people to have confidence in you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an online marketing blog or a keto blog or even a calisthenics blog. You NEED to get results for people to believe you. Your achievement and advancement will encourage them to believe in your journey and do what you’re doing – and purchase what you’re utilizing.

4 – Curation types of blogs

These are blogs with various topics that you’ll curate content from various sites. You won’t need to generate much content by hand and will get the majority of your money from ads and affiliates who publicize your site.

Novices would do well to drive clear of these types of sites. You’re better off pursuing one niche and creating a brand and an audience.

5 – Guest post types of blogs

Similar to curation types of blogs, but you’ll be evaluating the various guest posts and only posting what’s appropriate to your niche. This is more of a method than a type of blog as such. Certain blogs are completely made up of guest posts while others have loads of content produced by the blog owner and the guest posts are also tossed into the mix.

You’ll want to determine if you need guest posts to augment your content marketing endeavors or if you’d instead want a blog where the entire content is exclusive (with no need for outbound links).

Besides these types of blogs, there are blogs that are devoted to teaching or the quest of a specific lifestyle, etc.

At the end of the day, the basics are the same when it comes to prosperity. Your blog will require traffic and once visitors arrive at the blog, it will require helpful and interesting content that advertises and offers products.

The success of a blog is determined by its capability to sell. You’ll accomplish that with affiliate links, product links, ads, and also build up a list that you can market to in the future.

While you don’t require all these elements in place, you certainly need the list building and the links that convert to sales. Your blog only makes money when people purchase from or via you.

Create a blog that people enjoy because of its worth and they’ll have confidence in you and purchase what you endorse.

“Successful blogging is not about one time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.” – David Aston

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