Detecting SCAMS

Most people get scammed at some point. ?Ninety percent ?of all people that buy a product related to internet marketing feel as though they have been taken advantage of. ?That does not give the industry a good reputation and that does not sit easy with me.

That is why I started this website to help You to Avoid SCAMS. ?There is nothing worse than working hard for your money only to have some?slick ?marketer make you part with your money with nothing in return.

There are a few obvious ways to determine if a product is a scam and I base all of my product reviews on these.

How to Tell Online Scams

  • ??Impossible to Contact their Website. ?If a company cannot offer an easy way to get in touch with you on their website, then they should not get your business. ?This is a sign of things to come; trust me. ?And if you do contact their support and you don?t get a response; you are better off not making a purchase .
  • ?Does not offer support. ?One thing that I like to do with any online ?product is to test their support. ?If a product is legit and they truly care about their customers, they will provide timely support and handle any questions that a prospective customer may have. ?If you send an email to a company and you don?t get a response tobwithin 48 hours (the quicker the better), then I recommend that you avoid this program as it is a sign of things to come!
  • ?More than a ?30 day guarantee.??If the sales page of the product emphasizes that there is a guarantee, chances are it might be a scam. ?In particular if it is a?60 day guarantee, which typically means that it is a Clickbank product, most probably means that the product is of very ?low quality.
  • Upselling. ??If the product makes you buy, then tries to make you buy again?it is likely just the start. ?One of the most common scams online are ?low ticket? initial sales (ie. $7 products). ?As soon as you make your purchase, you then get inundated with upsells, downsells and sideways sells and before you know it you have been offered $100?s (sometimes $1,000?s) of addition products you need to buy to complete the program. ? This is why I tend to recommend products that you can ?try before you buy? ?like?Wealthy Affiliate?(here is?my review).
  • ?Fantastic Claims. ??Success overnight is not possible and any product that claims $1,000?s of income in the first month is an absolute scam.
  • ?Promoted by another EXPERT.??Yes, if a product is being flogged by a guru that does not own it, guess what, it is probably a scam. ?The reason they are promoting it is not because they believe in the product, rather they have made an agreement that ?if you promote my product, I will promote yours?.
  • ?Bogus Pictures.??If the product sales page has a big mansion, a fancy lambourghini, or someone sitting on the beach with a laptop in their hand, chances are the product is a complete scam. ? Companies that need to showboat like this are typically lacking in the credibility and actual product quality department ?(ever heard of ?short man syndrome? lol). ?Avoid at all measures.

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